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Ince 31 posts Joined 05/08
08 May 2008
Big Batch Running long

HiOur big batch have been automatically scheduled to run everyday from 5pm.Mostly it runs fine during the week,but runs long over the weekend.We do our weekly back ups on weekend, and release all the held jobs to run after completing the back ups,but the biggest problem is that it runs for almost 14hours until we kill it.Normally it runs for 30 minutes.Please advice

Abed 2 posts Joined 07/08
15 Oct 2008

It might be taking so long because certain tables are locked by other process's maybe the back up or some other process. You may want to release locks on the IOS database and try again. and make sure the Big Batch runs alone and all the back ups and other process completed successfully and released all the locks.

04 Aug 2009

Hi,While executing check the PMON,I presume it is getting blocke by some other user query,make sure that nop user is running some complex queries,so automatically the CPU utilization may fall down.

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