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famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
16 Jan 2008
Adding user functions at TRM environment

Hello,I would like to know if someone have already tried to add some user function at TCRM 5.2 or TRM 6.0 environments, to be made available as part of the solution to the users. In Java programming, it is called sometimes as "Add-ins" or "Add-ons" features.Example: For some reason, an user may decide to exclude from the segment an specific person or group of persons, belonging to a specific geographic region, from the current campaign. We would like to add a menu item called "Cancel lead groups" to provide user with this functionality, being this developed by ourselves.Thanks in advanced.

Regards, Fabio
lanlananhanh 1 post Joined 07/09
07 Jul 2009

Thanks for the suggestion, I wish it had worked.

ztseals 2 posts Joined 10/09
10 Oct 2009

Thanks a lot for the useful infomation.

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