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ARM: splt campaign configuration Topic by afedeli 12 Apr 2016

Hi all,
is there a way to send the same customer to several channels? I have done a test, but if a customer is extracted in more the one split, he always will be duplicated in the 1st split!

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Multi-Step Topic by 04 Aug 2010 multi-step, ex_response

Does anyone have experience of creating a TRM Multi-Step campaign trying to reference custom tables (like EX_RESPONSE) so extract format content can be dynamically allocated according to the response received? We're having problems joining to this table.

Any suggestions or documentation appreciated.

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Lead Management Topic by emilbjornum 10 Mar 2016

I have a question about how Teradata SIM and DMC can handel Lead Managament? Like lead neutering and lead scoring? Anyone have any exampels of have you done this?
Best regards

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Teradata CRM Topic by Raja_KT 26 Dec 2013


Products matter but customer satisfaction results count. Teradata CRM offers superior advantages compared to other competitors, it seems.


I have a look at Teradata Active Warehouse ingredients consisting of:

Active access where end users can get alerts, analytical results in fraction of seconds.

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Managing Control Groups within TCRM Application Topic by rupertb1962 05 Feb 2007

I am very interested to hear other customers using TCRM manage control groups within their communication strategy and campaign plans.I know that within individual communications it is very easy to set up controls and identify them within the contact history.However I would like to be able to identify and manage Universal Controls (a fallow group). This group would allow you to assess the true value of all your communications and your relationship with customers via all the channels used, plus maybe a value to a loyalty scheme. Currently I have set up these groups using recurring communications which in ensure that the control has sample of new customers added every month. However, one of the problems is that I would like this group to be churned every so often, plus end users of the application are always having to remember to suppress the group in every communication.I would also like to be able to set up a Campaign Control which is suppressed from a series of communications which are part of a program against one campaign. So you may have a big launch communication and then a series of follow up communications such as reminders, chasers, qualifiers. I would like to be able to have a group of customers which we ring fenced across the campaign. So at the end of it we can measure total contribution. Does anybody manage groups across campaigns like this and how do they do it within the TCRM application.

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Anyone have any material about ARTIM? Topic by QI.YOU 16 Sep 2013

Anyone have any material about ARTIM?  
Thanks in advance.
Could you please mail them at:

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Business solution without Technology Topic by Raja_KT 20 Nov 2013

Does Teradata provide Business solutions without Technology?
Thanks and regards,

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TRM and dialog marketing Topic by jhinman 17 Sep 2010 trm, multi-step, dialog marketing

We have recently upgraded to TRM6.2. I am interested in creating multi-step communications but haven't done this yet. I followed the directions of setting up a Response and disposition code and created a multistep communication, using the User guide from training. I ran the communication and have results in the first output but zero in the second.

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Document, Topic by HenryMiguel 03 Jun 2013 training and document

 Hi, I want to create a report where I can show the Sales for respective regions in geographical maps. Can someone direct me to some document/video reference.

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Product Manual for TCRM / TRM v 5.2 Topic by chattera74 24 Oct 2011


Can any one of you please share the place holder on Web from where i can download the product manual for TCRM v 5.2 ?

Also, if you can throw some insight into if TCRM v 5.2 is similar to Aprimo MRM solutions


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[ARM6.4] Unable to get password from PasswordManager. Proceeding and assuming that the password is unencrypted Topic by ftshtl 01 Nov 2011


I try intstalling ARM6.4.

Database Initialization And Migration , Install Metadata Administrator Utility And Install or Update TRM.WAR are All successfully.


When I start Tomcat, Open, but I can't login to ARM. Message said "Your login attempt was not successful".

And I find the error message in the Tomcat control : 

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TCRM 5.2 and Teradata V2R6.2 with Linux Topic by 10 Apr 2007

Is anyone out there running TCRM 5.2 with Teradata V2R6.2 with Linux?

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Data Source - Import List in TRM 6.2 Topic by julisay 23 Dec 2010 import list trm 6.2

Hi, all
My client has a problem in Uploading files to TRM through Data Source module (Import List).
In fastload log file the following message appears: "Incorrect number of bytes returned from a File Read!"
Does anyone have an idea in how to fix this?

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CRM News and Blogs Topic by lennyann 04 Nov 2010 crm, crm news, crm blogs

We encourage you to read news about CRM and its systems. This will provide you great insight on how to manage business with hassle-free transactions.
We are inviting you to come here:

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Remainder segments are writtening to the Contact History in the TCRM Topic by klnleela 17 May 2010


The below segment having spilt in half (50-50).
Segment_1 1000
Age 18-24 500
Age 25-75 250
Remainder 250

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C++ compiler Topic by sabihrao 31 May 2010

I am running base setup of TRM ver 6.2, when running scripts of lead DB there is an error, when i check the log it says C++ Compiler is missing, can someone tell me how to configure C++ compiler. Do i need to install Complete visual studio or something else can resolve this?

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I need a MACRO that will allow the User to define the table Topic by k_suji86 06 May 2010

Please can any one help on this.

Kind Regards.

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Quick Count job not returning volumes to TCRM Topic by rub 05 May 2010

When ever we run a quick count job, its returning zero volumes. After submitting the job, we can see a login under CVM_TCRM in session monitor tool and the also the sql looks fine.

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Buffer clearing options are not working Topic by klnleela 29 Mar 2010


We are using the Automatic buffer claering, but it is not working fine. weekly we need to do manually. Please can any one explain why it is not happening.


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Taskbroker is not assigning tasks to RPS components Topic by rk1004 25 Mar 2010

Hi All,

We are facing a problem in configuring the TCRM to a new TD box. Initially TCRM was pointing to a different TD box where jobs were running fine. Now after configuring the TCRM to new TD box, no jobs are running fine. Please provide some inputs on this.
Below are the steps which we followed to configure TCRM to the new TD box (TD 12 box)
1. Just replaced the ip address of the DSN, so that it points to the new TD box.
2. Refreshed the buffer, restarted the services and connected to all components (CRM,Metadata utility & Security Manager)

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Task Broker's Available Servers Location Problem Topic by Usman Ali 08 Aug 2007

Hi,I am getting a problem regarding Task Broker's Available Servers Locations in 'Task Server Connections' tab of task broker service properties. Previously it was working fine but then my IP got changed and it still has old 'machine name' (IP) associated with the server names and that’s why their status is 'Inactive' because it can't find it on that IP. I have tried 'Load Servers' and restarting task broker service but that didn't help.Can anyone tell me how to refresh the location of these servers in Task Broker to the new IP/Machine Name?Thanks in advanceRegards,Usman Ali

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TCRM/TRM Introduction manual/guide Topic by mprade123 03 Nov 2009

Guys, Can any of you guys help me out by forwarding/attaching some useful docs related to TCRM/TRM. I am new using TCRM and please help me out by passing some docs/pointers.Thanks,Pradeep M

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Adding user functions at TRM environment Topic by famalau 16 Jan 2008

Hello,I would like to know if someone have already tried to add some user function at TCRM 5.2 or TRM 6.0 environments, to be made available as part of the solution to the users. In Java programming, it is called sometimes as "Add-ins" or "Add-ons" features.Example: For some reason, an user may decide to exclude from the segment an specific person or group of persons, belonging to a specific geographic region, from the current campaign. We would like to add a menu item called "Cancel lead groups" to provide user with this functionality, being this developed by ourselves.Thanks in advanced.

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Segment Names In Recurring Communication Topic by asmith 04 Dec 2008

Hello,I'm currently setting up a recurring commmunication for one of the communications that we run every 2 weeks. I've succeeded in getting it to run correctly and on time. I also see that each time it runs the "child" communciation has a date stamp added to its name. However, in each child run the same segment name is applied to the output file. So if I load the output files from two runs and key off of segment name (as our downstream vendor does) there is no way to tell who was in which communication. Is there a way to add a date parameter to the segment name in a recurring communication?Thanks,Adam

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integrating web data into TCRM Topic by tuttlr 26 Jan 2007

It seems that not many organizations have begun adding web browsing behavior data into their data warehouse. Although almost everyone adds web sales data, browsing behavior is an excellent source of behavior data that can be used for campaign targeting and segmentation. Has anyone been successful in applying web based legends to TCRM as targeting attributes?

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