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29 Aug 2008
We can Help you in gettng JOB in Teradata

Dear Friends,As you all aware Teradata is new technology and learning it itself is really for Indians.Luckily we got few Institues in Hydrerbad Ofcource they are teachng ONLY Basics.I have been working in Teradata Tools and Utilties for more than 5 Years.I can guide you in preparng resume as well as Inerview can mail me on - terahyderbad@gmail.comThanksSrinivas MandalaTeradata DBA

vinay 19 posts Joined 02/08
13 Oct 2008

Hi Srinvas; where about are u situvated are u in INDIA or USA, please let me know.Please let me know how are you different from the person who is teaching you in the current market.

15 Oct 2008

Hi Vinay,Am in India now , but can take up classes to guys sitting in rest of the world using WebEx/VOIP fones.Why am differnt from others-Apart from my Experience and master certification, i have a passion towards R &D about the Teradata market trends and Updating me the new concepts in Teradata.gathering SQL tuning techiques and tricky jobs are my hobbies.I dont belive in running the training is bout hands on ...Iam sure a guy can get a job soon after completing the exam conducted by me(after the 20 hours class)If you need any more info mail me on -

dhanred 4 posts Joined 11/04
06 Nov 2008

hi ,i have DBA interview tomorrow. can you please send me a few interview questions.

sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
06 Nov 2008

Hi Srinivas,I am in US now and i want to learn working on teradata utilities.Can u help me out.Please

gopinadh 15 posts Joined 10/08
07 Nov 2008

Hi Srini Vas,How are you, I can realy help you , and moreover i have been working in TERADATA with Mainframe since 4 years in USA.You can reach me to this email : gopi.mainframe@gmail.comThank youGopi...

sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
07 Nov 2008

Hi Gopinath,I dropped u an email.Please respond to my mail

gopinadh 15 posts Joined 10/08
08 Nov 2008

Hi Satya,How are you , its realy good opportunity.Don't Miss this time...Thank youGopi..

sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
09 Nov 2008

yes....i do understand what u r saying...but as i told i have got some constraints..

ajay_kalangi 3 posts Joined 09/08
20 Jan 2009

I am interested in learning hte tool. Can anyone tell if there are any institutes in chennai who can provide training on the same

NashG 1 post Joined 02/09
04 Feb 2009

Is there any opening in Oracle apps.Please do inform me.

mooleyjones 1 post Joined 02/09
25 Feb 2009

First of all teradata has been around for over 20 years as my husband was with the original company, before it got no it's not a new technology....Where have you been and how old are u 12????Second of all it's not just for Indians.........It's for everyone who can do the job...........including people from the USA who can't get a job because the Indians have come into our country and underbid the jobs so low, a person with a home and kids, can't even go on a consulting job and pay the bills at home. Perhaps u should do ur homework!!!!

bmogilev 3 posts Joined 02/09
26 Feb 2009

I fully agree with you.

Boris Mogilevsky

Kks 128 posts Joined 03/06
28 Feb 2009 :Please correct your posting specific to race , this is not a local posting and is read worldwide ;

19 Apr 2009

hi not getting what are u talking about:(Did i scold or promote any country/race here?I explained the future of teradata and my capability of mine as well the contents of my tranings.Unforunately you are pulling me into race Etc.Please read the forum carefully.Dont be foolish..

Paracha786 1 post Joined 05/10
06 May 2010

I have 5yrs experience of SQL/TSQL
Can u help me out in interview.

vel 9 posts Joined 08/09
22 May 2010

Hi. I certified as Tera master.But I m looking for an entry in Teradata. Having 4 months experience in Mysql and 6 months in java and mysql. Fresher of 2009 batch.

Help me .

vel 9 posts Joined 08/09
06 Jul 2010

Is there any updates???

sreelekha 4 posts Joined 11/10
05 Nov 2010

Hii presently i want to start my job with quetion is Is there is a bright future in Teradata or not? where we use this Teradata ? can it add additional knowledge to oracle db developer ?what is the bill rate for Teradata employees?

pls answer my questions

sreelekha 4 posts Joined 11/10
05 Nov 2010

right now im in US..

rajesh12 2 posts Joined 02/11
21 Feb 2011

hi can i have ur number please so that i can contact u directly

rajesh12 2 posts Joined 02/11
21 Feb 2011

i am presently working on other technology can i change and come to teradata technology ?.. I am having so many questions like this... so please give me u r number .. so that i will be very clear

07 Mar 2011

i am working portlets , but i want terraportlets, how to do?
i need some help , everyone can help me .

07 Mar 2011

First how do to Terradata?
i don't idea can any one explain , that terradata,

EmilyRODNY 4 posts Joined 03/11
23 Mar 2011

I am aggressively looking to fill a Teradata Architect role that reports into Charlotte, NC for a major Investment back. I know this isn’t your forte so to speak but, I wanted to know if you help or point me in the right direction. Pay is aggressive and is a yearlong assignment. Anything helps! . Emily;

Location: Remote but Charlotte preferred

CRS CDM Architect Skill Set:
• Expert technical skills in Teradata, certifications strongly preferred, 7-10 years minimum experience required
• Consult on logical database design (normalization, efficiency) across multiple projects
• Consult on process design (data quality, efficiency, resiliency) across multiple projects
• Coordination with Enterprise Architecture
• Coordination with other Teradata Architects
Previous BAC experience preferred
Location: Charlotte (preferred), JAX, ATL, RIC, or other
Duration: 12 months

vau 1 post Joined 03/11
29 Mar 2011

Hii my quetion is Is there is a bright future in Teradata or not? where we use this Teradata ? can it add additional knowledge to oracle db developer

pls answer my questions

Anil36 1 post Joined 08/11
11 Aug 2011

Hi Srinivas Mandala,
This is Anil Kumar, i hope u r doing the best.
I want to learn Teradata DBA course,so can you suggest anything to me
like Pre requirements and about ur classes(timings,duration&course fee etc)
may i know presently where u r working(company name and location)?
can u give any assistance to me to get job after completion of course?

Thanking You

Anil Kumar

gandhi27 3 posts Joined 11/09
12 Aug 2011

It seems like Teradata should use some kind of "filter and throttle" in developer exchange to avoid such messages , this is Technical , why some users try to make business out of that , if they are really good traineer , no need to post such messages !!!!!!!!!!!!


surajitc45 1 post Joined 08/11
17 Aug 2011

I have interview As Teradata Architech, can anyone help me out in this?

UdayaChow 6 posts Joined 07/11
18 Aug 2011

HI all,
present am working in Teradata india pvt ltd on Teradata tools & utilities as a trainee. i wanna complete Teradata basics certification can any guide/help me in preparing for the exam....


Lalithachintha 7 posts Joined 09/11
07 Sep 2011

Hi Srinivas Mandala,

I am working on teradata from last 3years but haven't get a chance to work much on Utilites.I want to learn Teradata utilites ,so can you suggest on how can I improve my knowledge on utilites?

JohnMartin 1 post Joined 02/12
11 Feb 2012

I have few urgent requirents 



1) Teradata Lead 7-8 years Minneapolis, MN



2) Teradata Architect 12-15 years Minneapolis, MN




3) Teradata Architect 12-15 years Cupertino, CA


These are full time positons and only for  GC, Citizenship candidates.


If you are interested or if you know any one who might be looking for a challening career,  then send me

resume to 


John Marting



AnaGonzalez007 8 posts Joined 01/12
16 Feb 2012

Greetings Everyone!


I have one immediate Hot requirement in CA.  We are looking to fill a position for Teradata Developer in Orange for a large utilities company.  The contract is long term 2-3 years.  If anyone is interested emaill me your resume to



Teradata Developer

Orange CA

2-3 years

Teradata Consultant with Strong 5-7 years' experience as Developer with following skills

. Expert level work experience in a Teradata environment using TD12

. Expert level working experience using Teradata Utilities (BTEQ, Fast Load,

MultiLoad, FastExport, TPump)

. Expert level experience using Teradata Tools (SQL Assistant, PMON,

Teradata Administrator)

. Expert level performance tuning on Teradata

. Expert level knowledge of Teradata BTEQ scripts to implement business


. Experience on large multi terabytes data warehouses

. Expert level SQL skills

. Excellent communication skills




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