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rafiqtolas 1 post Joined 12/13
03 Dec 2013
Teradata training ..

Hi am rafiq somebody tell me a good teradata training center? 

JAVA Training in Chennai
Kchinnakotla 1 post Joined 12/13
09 Dec 2013

Any good training institutes for Teradata in Canberra?

sivamamilla 1 post Joined 12/13
16 Dec 2013

Hi, I am from India, I am palnning to learn Teradata, Please tell me good online training institute.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
18 Dec 2013

Regarding online, some posts are given in .
Get the feedback from those who attended.

Raja K Thaw
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17 Oct 2014

Hi, I'm also new to terdata world.
 started searching for teradata trainings. Dowloaded express version and configured for practice.
Got some useful stuff through Education Network  and got few trainer contacts through the sites.
Vinay provides good trainings in Hyderabad. For online trainings can connect to Manohar -  (+91 8499999111).
I attended demo and about to join.
Please do your reseach too and post updates.


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