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saadqq 3 posts Joined 03/14
23 Mar 2014
Teradata Career Advice

I am new in the field of data warehousing  and have basic understanding of SQL.I want to know,What are the career fields in Teradata for those who have basic understanding of SQL and data warehousing?I want a detail answer from them who really have been in the industry for several years.

Dominiq 11 posts Joined 12/13
31 Mar 2014

buddy, everyone has basic knowledge at starting. It depends on you how you take it. It can be a gamble if you are thinking about long term.
If you get going, you wont have question about job security, or being moved to another projects etc. If you can not understand SQL and Data Warehousing concepts, it gets really tough.
I would suggest you to join, because at start, everyone of us are new to any technology. If tomorrow there comes any replacement for Java, everyone working for Java has to switch and still they will be new even after dozens of experience. Giving a chance is worth it. you can have patience for 6 months, and then take a decision if you want to continue or not. 6 months shouldnt be a big deal.


saadqq 3 posts Joined 03/14
20 May 2014

Thank you for your advice.I work in  a private comapany as a system analyst but has a great desire to work in the field of Data warehousing.I am good at RDBMS and have some basic concepts of Data warehousing and SQL.But the problem is that the hiring process is tough and mainly prefer experienced over young aspiring people.In all telco sectors ,the problem is same ,even an entry level job must have 1-2 years relevant experience.

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