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vaibhav_sanap 1 post Joined 06/10
09 Jun 2010
Career Gorwth in TeraData


I am looking for job in Teradata. I have below queries.

How is the future career growth in TeraData for freshers?
How is the future career growth in TeraData Management Services?
How is the appraisal cycle/ appraisal policy in Teradata?
How is the increment in Teradata?
Is it possible for fresher to get job/deparment as Teradata DBA?

Experince and suggestions are welcome.
Please share your thoughts.

Thanks & Regards

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
10 Jun 2010

This forum is not the best method for employment interest at Teradata. I'd suggest started with:

vel 9 posts Joined 08/09
06 Jul 2010

No.No one is ready to recruit the fresher. I m certified as TeraMaster. Applied for many openings in Teradata. But they wont even consider me because I hadn't experienced in Teradata.

Ph: 9791390390

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