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16 Jun 2016
Using TDCH Export to move data from Hive view or query into Teradata

I have a Hive table that is too big for my Teradata database, but if I can exclude some of the columns, it should be OK.  Since I don't want to have a duplicate copy of the table with fewer columns on my hadoop server I have two choices for import:    1) use a view to filter out the columns or    2) use a query to filter out the columns.
I have tried both with the TeradataExportTool but I don't see any options in the documentation (Teradata Connector for Hadoop Tutorial v1.0 is all I can find) for using a source query on export (only import).   Using the view throws an error.  Anyone know how this is done or can point me to proper documentation.  I am good on either but would like to know both since I have plans to do both.  Thanks,

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