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ehbhaskar 2 posts Joined 06/15
07 Aug 2015
Can the TDCH be used to load data into view (in teradata)

I was trying use TDCH connector to load the data from Hive table to Teradata table. But, I want to load the data into the targt table (in teradata) via VIEW instead of accessing the table directly. 
So, is there a way to load the data to target table through the VIEW?
There is an option called "" but setting this option to true didn't help we either. i couldn't get much info.. in the use of this option (, so, I'm just curious what's the use of this option?
Below is a sample TDCH job I was using.

hadoop jar $TDCH_JAR \

com.teradata.connector.common.tool.ConnectorExportTool \<queuename> \

-libjars $HIVE_LIB_JARS \

-classname com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver \

-url jdbc:teradata://<IPadress>/ \

-username xxxxx \

-password xxxxx \

-jobtype hive \

-fileformat textfile \

-nummappers 10 \

-method internal.fastload \

-separator "\u0009" \

-sourcedatabase <database> \

-sourcetable <table> \

-sourcefieldnames "<all the columns>" \

-targettable <target table> \

-targetfieldnames "<all the target columns>" \

-stagedatabase <stage database> \

-forcestage true

RyanBerti 5 posts Joined 07/13
12 Aug 2015

Please see the TDCH README for a description of the '' property.
You cannot use TDCH's internal.fastload method to load TD views; please try using batch.insert. See this stackoverflow response for more info (

kmccarty 2 posts Joined 02/16
16 Jun 2016

Which TDCH README are you reading?  The only one I can find is the Teradata Connector for Hadoop Tutorial v 1.0 which has nothing of which you speak.

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