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The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop is a flexible offering of products and services for our customers to integrate Hadoop into a Teradata environment and across a broader enterprise architecture, while taking advantage of the world-class Teradata service and support. The Hadoop Channel covers the hardware and software features, tips and best practices on all the components of the Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop.

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Having an Issue with CHAR,VARCHAR,DATE Data types while exporting/importing from Hive to Teradata using TDCH Topic by chakradhar.challa 07 Sep 2016

I am trying to Import/Export Tables from/to Teradata into Hive. But If Hive table has CHAR/VARCHAR/DATE data types, I am getting below error from TDCH Connector

INFO tool.ConnectorExportTool: ConnectorExportTool starts at 1473252737445

INFO common.ConnectorPlugin: load plugins in file:/tmp/hadoop-unjar6516039745100009834/teradata.connector.plugins.xml

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What is the best way to import multiple tables into Hive from Teradata using TDCH? Topic by 24 Aug 2016 tdch, Hive, import, multiple

Using TDCH, What is the best way to import multiple tables into Hive from Teradata? Is there an option to move an entire database from Teradata to Hive?

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TDCH to Hive inserts NULL values Topic by vijitv 10 Aug 2016 Apache Hive, Apache Hadoop, # teradata

I have been trying to import Teradata Tables into Hive using the TDCH utility. The utility seems to be working fine since the connection is successful. However after the job completes and when I check the values in the respective hive table I get all NULL values. The separator and delimiters are fine.

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Sqoop importing into Hive - supported file formats Topic by JaimeHolland 03 Aug 2016

Hi, I'm new to Hadoop.  We are using CDH5.  I am managing to use sqoop to load from Teradata into Hive as textfile, but that seems to be the only supported option.  It seems like avro should work, but when I specify --as-avrodatafile, I get a null pointer exception.

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teradata.connector.plugins.xml Topic by ahhmedbilal 30 Jul 2016

I am trying to import data to hive (HDP 2.4) from teradata 14.10 using TDCH. 
TDCH ver is 1.3.4 as for 1.4.1 the hadoop jar .... command gives invalid jar file error. here is command i am using. 


export HADOOP_HOME=/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-client/

export HIVE_HOME=/usr/hdp/current/hive-client/

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Teradata connector points to old lib when runing TPT TDCH to import from Teradata to Hadoop Topic by MZhang 26 Jul 2016

Hi everyone,
I have installed Teradata connector for hadoop 1.4.4 using teradata-connector-1.4.4-hadoop2.x.noarch.rpm and I can run "hadoop jar /usr/lib/tdch/1.4/lib/teradata-connector-1.4.4.jar" using it.  However, when I run TPT jobs via TDCH, the job log shows "the teradata connector for hadoop version is: 1.3.4".

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POM.xml for mapreduce development - "Hadoop" Topic by 22 Jul 2016 mapreduce, pom.xml, #Hadoop, Apache Hadoop

Hi - My organization uses Hadoop I am new to whole hadoop and mapreduce programming.
I am looking for POM.xml for mapreduce program development. is there seperate repository detail available for teradata hadoop ? 
Can someone please help? Thank you.

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Using TDCH Export to move data from Hive view or query into Teradata Topic by kmccarty 16 Jun 2016 hadoop, view, tdch

I have a Hive table that is too big for my Teradata database, but if I can exclude some of the columns, it should be OK.  Since I don't want to have a duplicate copy of the table with fewer columns on my hadoop server I have two choices for import:    1) use a view to filter out the columns or    2) use a query to filter out the columns.

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Can the TDCH be used to load data into view (in teradata) Topic by ehbhaskar 07 Aug 2015 #TDCH, #teradata #Views

I was trying use TDCH connector to load the data from Hive table to Teradata table. But, I want to load the data into the targt table (in teradata) via VIEW instead of accessing the table directly. 
So, is there a way to load the data to target table through the VIEW?

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Top 10 Don’ts Of Big Data Project Topic by poonam patel 19 Apr 2016 big data certification training, big data

Hello Guys,
These Top 10 don’ts of Big Data projects speak of practices that disallow the creation of data lakes for profit. Steer clear of them and go the right way to make your project a success.

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Support for SUSE v12 on Teradata Appliance Topic by richoconnell 21 Mar 2016

I'm trying to match up a configuration of Informatica's Big Data Management (BDM) tool with our Teradata Hadoop appliance.  The BDM tool will support SUSE v12 in May 2016.   What are the plans for Teradata to support SUSE v12 on its appliance ?

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TDCH Import command - Export Data from Teradata to HADOOP Topic by HanifB 24 Nov 2015

Please can you help and advise on the following:-
We are in the process of exporting data from Teradata to Hadoop using the TDCH (Teradata Connector for Hadoop). We have managed to successfully import full tables from Teradata to Hadoop, however where the Teradata tables are > 200GB we want to only import the delta's on a daily basis.

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Can we recommend TDCH for Extract-Load process Topic by TDThrottle 04 Jul 2015 #TDCH

We all knew TDCH use JDBC connectivity to establish connectivity between Hadoop and Teradata and to move data across these platforms.

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Hadoop Interview Topic by Sonam 02 Jan 2016 #Hadoop, #BigData, #job

I am preparing for my Haddop Interview. Please suggest me some good questions. 

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Teradata Binary file to Hadoop Sequence File Topic by muthu1802 05 Nov 2015 Teradata Binary file to Hadoop Sequence File, hadoop sequence file, binary file to sequence file

Could Some one please help on how to convert teradata binary file to hadoop sequence file.
I have exported data from teradata table to binary file using TPT in binary mode.
How to convert that binary file into sequence file. Please help.

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Hive table export to Teradata using TDCH failing... due to connection reset Topic by iamRaj 16 Sep 2015 tdch, Apache Hadoop, batch INSERT
when exporting 2billion+ records into teradata from hadoop using TDCH (Teradata Connector for Hadoop) using the below command with "batch.insert",

hadoop jar teradata-connector-1.3.2-hadoop210.jar com.teradata.connector.common.tool.ConnectorExportTool \
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Why Big Data? - Live Webinar Topic by RathnaPC 19 Oct 2015 #webinar, #BigData, #Hadoop

Big Data refers to large sets of data that cannot be analyzed with traditional tools. has planned to conduct a webinar “Why Big Data?” on Oct 23, 2015. You can come to know about various career opportunities available in the field of Big Data.
Date: October 23, 2015 (Friday)
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
Presenter: Kannan R Srinivasan

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How to load data from a hive table defined with custom serde to teradata using TDCH/TPT. Topic by rnekkanti 05 Oct 2015

Currently TDCH supports 4 file formats (RCFILE|ORCFILE|SEQUENCEFILE|TEXTFILE) . Is there a way to load data from a custom serde formatted table .?
Any suggestions please ?

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Sqoop export fails with untranslatable character error Topic by nandkarthik 28 Apr 2015 java, hadoop, sqoop, teradata

HI, we have a sqoop job that exports data to Teradata hourly. Sometimes job fails with untranslatable character error. We would like to know, if there is any Java Function to check if the string is translatable by teradata. This is of higher priority. Please let us know, if there are any questions.
2015-04-19 22:59:56,734 WARN org.apache.hadoop.mapred.Child: Error running child

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Splitsize for the Hive table in TDCH Topic by ehbhaskar 10 Sep 2015 tdch, Apache Hadoop, mapreduce, split

I'm using TDCH to export a hive data into teradata table. For this I need to specify the number of mappers to my TDCH job. So, my question is "is this number of mappers option we give to TDCH job is just a hint to TDCH? or number of mappers created by TDCH will always be equal to number of mappers given in the option" (of the TDCH job)?

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Need to get common users for every combination of user IDs Topic by karthikcsekar 23 Aug 2015

I have a table which has one user ID mapped to multiple other user IDs. I want to get the common user IDs mapped to every two user IDs
My Data looks in the following way

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Need to get common users to multiple users mapped to it Topic by Ram912 23 Aug 2015

I have a table which has one user ID mapped to multiple user IDs. I want to get the common user IDs mapped to each of the two user IDs
My Data looks in the following way

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Free Webinar on Big Data and Hadoop Developer Topic by poonam patel 29 Jul 2015 big data hadoop



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Big Data Governance – What is it? How to get started? Topic by poonam patel 30 Jun 2015 big data hadoop Big Data Governance

Security concerns are key for organizations in many industries today. Data governance can feel like a daunting prospect with organizations unsure of where to start and put off by the every increasing …
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