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Need Help with DBQL query to find top 10 queries with high cpu usage Topic by sangeetha0204 04 Nov 2015

Could you please help with providing DBQL query to find the top 10 queries with high cpu usage and how many times those queries were run in a day? Can you please let me know what DBQL tables to be used and specific columns?

1 reply, 4 years ago
Teradata Querydsl distinct limit query. Topic by Dimaga 04 Nov 2015 distinct

Hi guys, 
I'm using java querydsl library to generate query to teradata. I want to build query with distinct values and limit. I'm expecting query like:
    select distinct ts.Gender
    from table ts
    order by ts.Gender asc
    limit 1000
(this query also generated by querydsl for another sql database)

3 replies, 4 years ago
Kanban – Project Management – Live Webinar Topic by RathnaPC 04 Nov 2015 #webinar, #Kanban, #ProjectManagement organizes a tech webinar on interesting topic “Kanban – Project Management”. This webinar helps you to understand Kanban Foundational Principles and Core Practices. This is the right time to develop your knowledge in Kanban and learn to design a Kanban system and understand the Value stream mapping and apply Kanban thinking.
Date: November 05, 2015 (Thursday)

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/tmp space Topic by wjblack 03 Nov 2015 temp space

Is there a setting that controls the temp space (/tmp) space setting in Teradata?  I'm mainly interested when a Teradata connection has been configured using odbc.  Is there a way to change the /tmp space location

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Query to Identify All the tables list those are not define the statistics or stale statistics tables in teradata 14.10 Topic by Shaik.tdw 08 Sep 2015

Hi All,
Can you please some one help me to give the query to find all the tables list those are not defined the statistics or stale stats tables in teradata 14.10. I need to pull the report so that I can find the tables list and schedule the collect stats.
Thanks in advance..

2 replies, 4 years ago
Tuning the SQL query Topic by Vinay151 14 Sep 2015

   I have a multiset volatile table having 10k records and a table having 5 billion records. I have to create a multiset volatile table by inner joining these two tables. But, the query is failing due to spool space issue. Is there any way to tune this SQL, apart from increasing the spool space?

4 replies, 4 years ago
TERA DATA SQL Count Statement in a subquery .. Topic by developer9 20 Oct 2015 #ROWCOUNT

I have the following SQL query for this I need to find a count of the rows

1 reply, 4 years ago
Teradata CIM - Supported Browsers Topic by BernieLee 30 Sep 2015

Can someone please confirm which browsers will be supported from January 2016 for Teradata CIM, we are currently migrating our user base to IE11 and i have heard rumours (I know i shouldn't listen to rumours) that from January next years Internet Explorer will not be supported or work with this product.
Any help help or advice received will be appreciated. :)

4 replies, 4 years ago
Default path for UDF on a Linux server Topic by mihirdhakan93 29 Oct 2015

Hi All,
How can i know Default path for source code on a Linux server like :  /etc/opt/teradata/tdconfig/Teradata/tdbs_udf/usr/  
I need to get the path for Deployment of JAR File.
Is the Path stored Anywhere? How can i know the path where all UDF's (JAR) are stored??
Thank you.

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run the procedure without passing all the values for the parameters Topic by soaltee 27 Oct 2015

Hello Gurus,
I have to create a store procedures which has four parameters lets say a,b,c and d.
Condition: User won't pass the values for all these parameters - sometimes its onlly a and b and sometimes it is a,b and c.

1 reply, 4 years ago
Docker Teradata Client Topic by JeremyMarshall 11 Sep 2015 Docker, linux, client tool

I have a couple of Teradata Linux client containers which I was thinking of pushing to the docker hub. Obviously these are built using RPMs downloaded from Teradata after logging in. This is for some groundwork for some work I will do for my main job where we have a major Teradata installation but this bit could be useful for others.

3 replies, 4 years ago
casting to timestamp based on timezone Topic by manideepak 28 Oct 2015 Cast as Timestamp

I want to cast a field with timezone in it to a standard CET format. for example, below is my input data:
20:33:40 GMT+02:00 10/23/2015
08:30:36 GMT+01:00 10/26/2015
I want the output to be in a standard CET format. is there any generic casting that I can use to convert any timezone to a standard timezone that is required (CET in this case)?

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RANK () OVER PARTITION Topic by subbu.balu92 28 Oct 2015 rank, cdc

Hi All,
I am have a table with undergoes CDC type 2. With the column Effective start date used for previous/inactive record.
Now i need a record with columns ACTIVE_PREV and ACTIVE_CURR (examples) along with their previous values as shown below.
ACTIVE_CURR and ACTIVE_PREV for 9/30/2015  with previous values  as INCATIVE_CURR and INACTIVE_PREV in the same row as shown. 

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Stored proc in Teradata gives an error "Invalid State" Topic by marlonbrando 27 Oct 2015

I am trying to create an SP 

create procedure proc1 ( IN id number)

select * from housing_all_201506 where ar_id = id;


and then I call this SP through the following statement:

call proc1(156170507);


However, I get an error " ORA-06575: Package or function proc1 is in an invalid state.

1 reply, 4 years ago
Is this explain plan normal? Topic by 24 Oct 2015 #database #teradata #explain #performance #time #tuning #DBA

I am noticing some strange behavior in the viewpoint explain. Data is being inserted in the same spool number multiple times. Taking the example of the few steps of an explain given below, we can see that data is put in spool 44455 multiple times. According to my understanding this should not be happening.

5 replies, 4 years ago
Teradata SQL Assist - Datepart Function Topic by Analytic_Palumbo 23 Oct 2015

I need to know how to write the following SQL statement in Teradata SQL Assist:

I know I have to use Current_Date instead of the GETDATE() function.

3 replies, 4 years ago
How to apply custom period of validity for valid time tables during the updates Topic by snelluri 01 Jul 2015 temporal, custom period of validity

I have a requirement to load the data from 2009 onwards and snapshots will be deilvered with a one week of gap starting from 2009-01-01. I am planning to use valid time temporal table to hold the data becuase business team wants to have time travel back capability in data. My input data snaps lookas as follows:
Data as of 2009-01-01
Data as of 2009-01-08

4 replies, 4 years ago
Populating multiple values in SQL query from Excel/VBA Topic by sg0182046 16 Oct 2015 multiple, values, excel, vb, vba, in

My question is related to populating my SQL query values from Excel/VBA.  In my query I have two types of inputs, one for a date, another for a city or list of cities.  The date is working just fine and is populated in Excel as 'YYYY-MM-DD.  I can do the same with a single city as 'MIAMI.  What I can't figure out is how I properly populate multiple cities.  The SQL which works fine in SQL Assis

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How to calculate the space of a database that data will be copied using arcmain Topic by yiannish 30 Sep 2015 arcmain, ABU, arcmain restore error

Hello Guys
I have a Teradata 14.10 on a TD 2690 appliance with BLC enabled on all tables.
I am using the TD Appliance backup Utility to copy backed up data from backup files into a new database.
I know the size of the backup files is the size before BLC is applied and it is 7551855 bytes. 

6 replies, 4 years ago
remove row level duplicate in a single statement Topic by dwtech 12 Oct 2015

if there are row level duplicate in a multiset table, is there any way to remove those duplicate in singal satement?
i usually do it by either transferring the rows into a similar set table or
use a qualify row_number statement to get the records in a temporary table and then delete all from main table and last step is, insert data from temporary to main.

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QUERY INVALID ERROR Topic by larun1616 22 Sep 2014 MULTI line comments

Format:HTML Format Version:1.0 StartHTML: 165 EndHTML: 710 StartFragment: 314 EndFragment: 678 StartSelection: 314 EndSelection: 314

/***query1 */
   while using Multi Line comments as above i am getting query invalid error while executing it. Am i making any mistake here. Please help.

5 replies, 4 years ago
What is wrong with this syntax? Topic by dbmagnus 05 Oct 2015

I am borrowing some code from a colleaue which works for him...but when I copy and paste from his email into the Teradata SQL Assistant, I'm getting this error:  Syntax error, expecting something like ')' between the word 'DATE' and the string '2'.  
Here is the code:

1 reply, 4 years ago
Dropping PI from a table Topic by raj_2008 03 Oct 2015 primary index

Is it possible to drop PI from an empty table in Teradata. Then load data into it and then recreate the PI to make the data load faster ?
Please advise.

3 replies, 4 years ago
Teradata SQL Assistant 12 slow on fetching data to answer sets Topic by gbukhbinder 14 Mar 2014 teradata, sql assistant, slow fetching an answer set, slow data reading

It has become very slow fetching an answer set (serval seconds per row) during last several days using Teradata SQL Assistant. I never experienced this problem before. Rebooting the computer does not help. People use Teradata SQL Assistant in our office pritty intensively, but no one has ever experienced this problem. Please help.

3 replies, 4 years ago
Teradata Utilities Topic by siva13081986 05 Aug 2014
6 replies, 4 years ago