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About data integration and real time Topic by hrmikwen 10 Mar 2010


We have been looking for a real time data integration program.
We have not found the right software yet.

Basically we'll be using the tool for the migration of contacts and data in real time.

Thanks for your help!

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Forum performance improvements; forum signature functionality available Topic by neilotoole 08 Mar 2010 devx, forum


Thanks to all those who provided feedback on the forums consolidation last week. We only found a few minor issues, which have since been addressed. Two more significant changes were pushed out this past weekend:

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Legacy Teradata Forums migration Topic by neilotoole 09 Feb 2010

Folks, it is our expectation to complete the migration/merger of the "legacy" Teradata Forums with these forums (i.e. by the end of this month (Feb 2010). Briefly:

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Issue with Elastic Marts Builder Topic by NP185029 19 Feb 2010


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Educating Teradata Recruiters and Hiring Managers Topic by Specialist TD Recruiter 02 Mar 2010 jobs

Something I think we have all experienced are calls from recruiters explaining a job to you and you wishing the recruiter knew what they were talking about rather than waffle on about something they clearly know nothing about!

Air your experiences and views as I am always looking to learn and would be a great chance to share your experiences both good and bad!

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Elastic Marts Builder Topic by NP185029 19 Feb 2010

I am finding a difficulty to access Elastic Marts Builder portlet link though the Viewpoint portal web browser. I can able to login to Viewpoint portal web browser successfully with my viewpoint account, but somehow it not showing me the Elastic Marts Builder portlet home page link. I have deployed both the war files DataUploadPortlet.war and DownloadServletManager.war as per the Elastic Marts Builder installation guide document.
I would really appreciate, if you help me out to fix this issue soon.

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Invalid results from a Stored procedure - with multiple punctuation characters Topic by rhohn 07 Jan 2010 stored procedure

We have some code being developed, which is pretty basic.
It works fine as straight SQL but gives unexpected results when the code is put in a stored procedure.
It seems that the stored procedure do NOT work when more than one punctuation character is contained in the search string.
One character in the string works as expected. More than on character does not.

The following proc doesn’t returned the expect results.
call CM_ADW_WEB_SRVC_V_DD.Account_Prospect_By_Broker_P('T.I.S. LTD.');

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Teradata Server restarts due to a 3rd Party ETL Job Topic by devangsh 19 Nov 2009

An ETL process is configured in a 3rd party ETL Tool which fetches data from Flat Files and loads the same into Teradata database after doing some procesing. During the end of the process, it stops and teradata server restarts.
Has anyone faced a similar issue? What could be the possiblilities.
The same process if configured in MLoad or any other Teradata utility, works fine.

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Email Notification of replies to posts? Topic by Random_Thought 13 Oct 2009

Will this be available? its unusual not to have this feature, unless its my browser not displaying the options again!


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To Find Codepage setting of Database Topic by hisharme 09 Oct 2009 informatica, codepage

I would appreciate if anybody let me know how can i find charset setting of database thru query.


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Conditional Merge Into Topic by sunny 28 Sep 2009 merge upsert

Does Teradata 12 support Conditional Merge into statement?

Example: I have tables t1(col1 int, col 2 char(20)) and t2(col1 int, col 2 char(20)). These 2 tables are joined on Col1 and I want to upsert/merge t2 from t1 - that is t1 is the source and t2 is the target.

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Handling Gaps in Date Ranges. Topic by AndyFults 27 Jul 2009

Most of my SQL experience has been in writing DB2 Stored procedures which processed cursors.

I am working on a TD BTEQ script, and have ran into a problem doing something through set processing, which was not so hard to do when processing one row at a time while looping through cursors within a stored procedure or a COBOL program.

I have a table which lists a series of events associated to an individual employee. These events have a begin date, and an end date. Separate events may have overlaping dates, but even so, the days should only be counted once.

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Error on home page of Topic by Random_Thought 04 Aug 2009

Do other people see the errors in the home page of Is it because I am still using IE6? (It is a hard habit to kick....) Its in the Pink bit above the Welcome to Teradata? I've seen it for a few days now, since about last Friday? Random user warning: [SQL removed]

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Suggestion for a new Forum? Topic by Random_Thought 17 Jul 2009

Would a forum topic to cover Performance management and capacity planning for Teradata systems be useful?

I think its a topic on its own.

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Site does not seem to work under IE6 Topic by Random_Thought 16 Jul 2009

I know IE 6 is old and past its best, it does not support some of the whizzbang CSS stylings etc.
I am a web developer in another life, and hate having to make sites IE6 compatible, but it is a commercial reality.

We are a large corparate, who seem to be looking to roll out teradata to many sites, but we use IE6, and are only slowly upgrading.

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