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Enter the parameter value for end -- stop popup Topic by kartaj 21 Jan 2016 Enter the parameter value for end

I am getting popup message as 'enter the parameter value for end'while creating view .. but its getting executed good while firing select statment ... as per my knoweledge .. i was getting error because of + used in that...  Can you please tell me how can we achive without + ..or My main concern is that while crreating view i should not give popup message

1 reply, 4 years ago
How to see the unused indexes for a query Topic by harshita45 18 Aug 2012


Can anybody tell me how to see the unused indexes after running the query.

3 replies, 4 years ago
Removing decimals from datetime in Teradata Topic by anusuit1190 15 Jan 2016

One of my datetime columns is in format -
mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.000000
How do I get rid of the zeroes? I want my final result in three columns showing-
Col1- mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
Col2- mm/dd/yyyy
Col3- hh:mm:ss

4 replies, 4 years ago
Need logic in teradata (SCD TYPE 2) Topic by vinay4125 02 Jan 2016 Need logic in teradata (SCD TYPE 2)

Need logic in teradata
Hi Team,
please find the sample records below , I  need a logic for the below records ...

1 reply, 4 years ago
Sample teradata database Topic by dmitry86 28 Dec 2015 sample database

Hi guys,
I want to find teradata sample database in order to play with data a little bit. I tried to download VM teradata several diffrent versions but didn't find anything. Can you help me to find right VM with sample database or place where I can download database and deploy on teradata VM with plain SQL or teradata tools. 

1 reply, 4 years ago
Convert a column into distinct comma separated list in teradata Topic by pavanavileli 28 Dec 2015

Hi All,
I am tring to convert column into distinct comma separated list using XMLAGG function, however i am not getting required output. Could you please help me how to give distinct clause in the below syntax.

1 reply, 4 years ago
Unable to Convert to date format Topic by vinay4125 25 Dec 2015 Date conversion (getting as in valid date)

Hi Team,
I have requirement, My target should be in date format (below 3 query) ... but getting as invalid date .. please help me

1 reply, 4 years ago
AWT: Amp Worker Tasks used by Utilities Topic by niranjan_nr000 01 Jul 2013 awt, Amp Worker Tasks used by Utilities

Hi All,
Could anyone help me out on how many AWTS are used by the below utilities:
2) Fast Load
3) Multiload

3 replies, 4 years ago
Export BIGINT with signed value to a file Topic by arsagg 22 Dec 2015 bigint, EXPORT BIGINT SIGNED VALUE

Hi All, I am trying to export a BIGINT column which has signed value of -1 to a file. Then I am using this file to load the data back to a table say TABLE1. I noticed that the file doesn't contain the signed value neither the table1 contains -1. Instead it has 1. It is losing the sign. How can this be fixed.

4 replies, 4 years ago
How the data is stored in Volatile tables.... Topic by bharathkumarg 22 Dec 2015

In case of volatile tables, If i newly create a VT table with 10K rows. How the data will store in VT. I'm aware that data will be stored in Spool space. But here every AMP will be assigned with some spool, So if i create a VT with Primary Index will there be any data distribution to the AMP's. Just like normal tables. 
Appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance

2 replies, 4 years ago
MLINREG - composable from SUM and COUNT Topic by Anushree Bhate 22 Dec 2015

Hi All,
I need MLINREG calculation logic using SUM and COUNT functions.Alternatively can it be calculated some other Window functions?
If someone has already tried it please send the query.
It's kind of urgent.
I would really appriciate your quick response.

1 reply, 4 years ago
Create a user with privileges to reset any user password Topic by cstoneff 15 Dec 2015 dbc.users, dbcinfo, modify password

Totally a noob when it comes to Teradata. But I need to know how to perform three tasks.
I just setup the Teradata Express VM for vmware. I am trying to create a NEW user who can do the following:
* select * from dbc.users
* modify any user's password up to and including DBC
* select * from dbcinfo

1 reply, 4 years ago
Insert is taking so much time Topic by Vinay151 13 Dec 2015

  I'm running a insert query which inserts data in 30 iterations. After 16 iterations the record count in the target table is 3 billion. The 17th iteration is taking alomst 7 hours to load the data. Is there any way to speed-up the process time (load time).

5 replies, 4 years ago
Getting ERROR: Commit: Session forced off by PMPC or gtwglobal or security violation. Topic by EUsha 14 Dec 2015

I am running a SAS code with in-database processing which creates a table in Teradata by performing a select from another table is Teradata, then sleep for 10 minutes and then drop that table was was created. These steps are iterated 10 times. During this processing, we got the below error:

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aggregate functions to get the following output Topic by dwtech 04 Dec 2015

input :
store_id  product_name  sale
123          abc                 200
123          xyz                 800
123          ghi                  -400
123          def                  -700
123          lop                  1000
required a new output column whose total sum will be same as sal column i.e 900

2 replies, 4 years ago
PMCOD in teradata Topic by Radsubra2003 02 Dec 2015

what is the use of  PMCOD setting in  TD? How this setting will help in limiting the CPU resources?
How do we disable PMCOD in TD?
Currently we have the below setting in DBS control ,Is it enough if we turn this to off?

Disable factor PMCOD settings=On

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calculate quarterend dates from datetime value Topic by jillalakk 12 Sep 2015

I have a date column , from which it has to calculate quarter end date for each date value. The values are stored in datetime format.
Data_Have                   Data_want
01Jan2015                  31Mar2015
23Jan2015                  31Mar2015
11May2015                 30Jun2015
15Jun2015                  30Jun2015
Thanks in Advance.

1 reply, 4 years ago
Unassigned Work Load Definition For properly Configured User in TASM !!!! Topic by Subhash.Gander 21 Mar 2012 tasm, workload, workload definition, unassigned work load


In our shop we have Teradata with DBQL & TASM implementation.


Yesterday I extracted some data from DBQL for analysis that consists queries performance metrics along with work load and final workload definition for the a user.


5 replies, 4 years ago
Join Strategy followed Topic by b.saipavankumar 24 Nov 2015 #join index, #join

Hello All,
Can someone help me understand the join strategies followed by Teradata for each of the below join scenarios between 2 tables ? I tried many times to understand looking at explain plan, but still helpless.
1. PI joined to PI
2. PI joined to Non-PI
3. PI joined to SI
4. Si joined to SI
5. PI joined to PPI
6. SI joined to PPI

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Combining 3 tables with different fields into a single row Topic by Pipipapipu 24 Nov 2015

I have 3 tables with different field of data. 
Only similar field is "account number" for all 3 tables.
Table A consists of:
Account Number
Account Type
Table B consists of:
First Name 
Last Name
Email Address
Table C consists of:
Postal Code
Mobile Number
Fax Number

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Different checksum HASH_MD5 in SQLA and BTEQ Topic by shaikh.zoheb 20 Nov 2015
select hash_md5('     1.|     1.|  0.|33|22|520|      .00|      .00| 0.| 0.|S|¦|A|   1.|N|Y|      .00|   0.|   0.|      .00|¦|P|¦|59514|N|RAMORAN|A|A|19000101|19000101');



I am not sure why but i get different checksum values for the same string in BTEQ and SQL Assistant.

1 reply, 4 years ago
Password construction Topic by wmmiteff 19 Nov 2015

Does Teradata support the use of spaces in password?  If it does what database version and what connectors/versions are needed to use this abilty?  Does using LDAP for authentication effect this capability?

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Export float column to txt file Topic by Nadejda 19 Nov 2015

I need your help to export a float column. I need to keep the values 0.00.
Now, after the export, i have .00 and not 0.00 that i need.
Can you help me please.

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Need Help in loading differnt line data in Teradata table Topic by Dheeraj 19 Nov 2015

Could you please help me with function/ query to load teradata table from flat file which contains records in different lines.



Sample file


Name ABC

Place Mumbai

Country India


Name DEF

Place New Jersey

Country USA


Name GHI

Place Pune

Country India

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Need Help with query Topic by txrob74 18 Nov 2015


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