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How to run BTEQ in Windows machin Topic by keerthi1987 20 May 2016

We are using Teradata Studio 15.10 in loacal, but we are unable to run big SP's in Studio.So we are planned to use BTEQ to run SP's.We are not used before.can anyone help us to run and connect BTEQ in windows.

4 replies, 3 years ago
Teradata Driver 15 Issue in Microsoft Access Topic by C McKeever 25 May 2016

I am experiencing and issue running a query against Teradata database tables using an outer join in Microsoft Access.  The query works with a simple join but not an outer join.  We recently upgraded to Teradata 15.10 (upgraded drivers too).  I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and how they were able to correct it. 
It is a very basic query:
Select T1.Field1

1 reply, 3 years ago
Importing from Excel in SQL Assist giving "Wrong number of data values in record 1." Topic by arks 24 May 2016

Hi All
Iam trying to import data from excel (.CSV) to teradata through import option. The file has around 20,000 records. When I do a sample insert with another file having 5 rows its getting inserted but when I do the same with full file its giving me "Wrong number of data values in record 1." Could anyone please suggest what is the mistake I am doing.

2 replies, 3 years ago
Date Conversion Issue, from String to DATE Topic by 31_resu 31 Dec 2015

Hello, I fastloaded data into a temp table, and have a date columns as varchar(255), and am getting an error with insert/select to a perm table that has the receiving date column as dtcolname date format 'yyyy-mm-dd', and when I insert/select that column, I get error 2666 invalid date supplied on the source column.

7 replies, 3 years ago
Running Sum counter restart when threshold value reached Topic by 20 May 2016 recursive, threshold cross

Hi All,
I have a unique situation in that I have the following scenario:
Cust      UID     Txn Amount      Running Sum Amount            indicator
1            a             10                        10                                      0
1            a             15                        25                                      1

2 replies, 3 years ago
Getting Log info from dbc tables Topic by ashok421 18 May 2016

procid and queryid in  DBC.DBQLOGTBL is not matching with the procid and queryid in DBC.DBQLOBJTBL. IS there any  specific condition exits on which those cannot be matched?Please help me

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MLOAD DELETE TASK Topic by anilkumar922 13 May 2016

Hi All,

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Forcing a 64-bit install on a 64-bit OS Topic by sanaumann 11 May 2016 teradata parallel transporter issue

I'm working on an installation package for Teradata and for some reason, TPT is installing the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS. Everything else seems to be installing the 64-bit version. I have the install files for 64-bit TPT but it's defaulting to 32-bit only on TPT.

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NEED HELP !! - Merging Consecutive and OVERLAPPING date spans Topic by joquinn238 16 Mar 2012 overlapping date spans

I have been struggling for about 6 months trying to find a teradata query that will combine consecutive date spans as well as identify overlapping date spans and then combine them into one span..and when there is a gap in spans it will create a new row and show that span and continue that in the end it will show consecutive and overlapping date spans as one row per span....I am new to T

25 replies, 3 years ago
HASHAMP function and column values Topic by nimish_123 06 May 2016

Below query will give me data distribution of the table based on the column ProdtCd

from PLN_EXPLORE.SRI_DSI_Plnt_Snpsht_wk_old

3 replies, 3 years ago
Convert Text to Number Topic by kparadise 09 May 2016

I have a field in a table which is labeled a "VARCHAR(4500)"; which contains a number, but it is written in text. 
I want to convert this field to a dollar amount, so I can compare it to other dollar fields. 
Is there a simple was to convert "VARCHAR(450)" to "DECIMAL(10,0)"?

2 replies, 3 years ago
We are getting a 3158 error when trying to run an insert through a stored Proc Topic by Gnome 09 May 2016

We are trying to do an inserting into a table using a stored proc.
The procedure gets to the last step, throws a 3158 error and then dies.
I have tried looking up the 3158 error but the descirition is not that detailed. 
can anyone please shed some light on what exactly error this message relates to?

1 reply, 3 years ago
convert 13 digit epoch time to date? Topic by yogeshDhole 18 Jul 2014 timestamp

my timestamps are in this format 1405720077410
Wondering if anyone knows how to correctly convert it to date? I have tried below but day is off by one day
cast((cast(cast(700101 as date) +  eventtime_
 / 86400 as timestamp(6)) +
     ( eventtime_
 mod 86400) * interval '00:00:01' hour to second ) as timestamp(6)) date_

7 replies, 3 years ago
Limit query to process fewer records Topic by sulliv16 27 Apr 2016 SQL query limit number of records table

I have a query and when I run it, I run out of spool space. So, I was wondering if there is some way (other than subsetting based on table data) to limit the number of records that are processed (to the first 10, 100, 1000...). I don't want to simply limit the number of records shown in the output. I want the query to only execute on the first few records.
Here is my query:

3 replies, 3 years ago
How to store the result of a run file command in a file or variable ? Topic by pratuish 12 Apr 2016

I am trying to store the result of a run file command in a file but the below code does not work.

1 reply, 3 years ago
SAP BODS script + teradata fails with "Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL" Topic by Martin10 23 Apr 2016 sap, BODS, volatile

Before I begin, I would like to mention that I have already searched all related topics and couldn't find an answer.
I have a SAP BODS script which is executing sql statements (going to teradata) that fails with the following error: Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL. What I am trying to do is the following (inside one BODS sql command):

2 replies, 3 years ago
Set tenacity and sleep in Tearadata JDBC Topic by AshaMR 14 Apr 2016 teradata JDBC

How to set tenacity ans sleep parameters in terdata JDBC ?

11 replies, 3 years ago
Is there a way using Python to create multiple volatile table in teradata Topic by 07 Apr 2016 python pyodbc, Create Volatile tables in teradata


1 reply, 3 years ago
Insufficient memory to parse this request, during optimizer phase. Topic by keerthi1987 12 Apr 2016

We are using Stored procedure for calculating some process in background,but while create the SP we are getting Insufficient memory space.We are googled this error,someone suggest us to split SP into multiple view's.We try that one but We are still getting same error.can anyone help us to solve this error.

2 replies, 3 years ago
How to sum up the columns total value in the last row Topic by Niesh20us 05 Jul 2013

Hi ,
I have folliwng query for summing u the value
Select LOB , CMPGN_NAME ,INC_TRXN_CD as TRANSACTION_CD  , sum ( INC_AMT ) as TOTAL_DOLLAR_AMT  , count (*) as TOTAL_ACCTS from UD466.FF_PRCSS where Elg_Flg='Y'
group by 1,2,3;
It gives result like below



17 replies, 3 years ago
Posting topics into the correct forum Topic by neilotoole 21 Apr 2010 devx

As the volume of traffic on Teradata Forums increases, we're seeing more instances of topics being posted into the wrong forum. To combat this, forum moderators now have the ability to move topics into a more appropriate forum. If a topic you created (or commented upon) is moved, you will be sent an email with the new URL. But prevention is better than cure, so we ask that users please consider which forum is most appropriate *before* posting a new topic. Some of the forums are self-explanatory (Jobs, Training etc), but there seems to be confusion with some of the following:

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Timestamp ERROR: 6760 Topic by rubenjdc 14 Apr 2016 tpt

Hi everyone, im trying to load some data using TPT to Teradata table.
I am having troubles on column what uses TIMESTAMP(0) format, and his mask is 'DD/MM/YYYY HH:MI:SS' or 'DD/MM/YYYYBHH:MI:SS' because the data what are providing us uses that format, an example: 21/12/2015 16:49:24, this data comes in a delimited ';' file.

1 reply, 3 years ago
Criteria to select Multivalue compression Topic by pratuish 05 Apr 2016

This may be a failrly simple question. But can someone please tell me the criteria based on which we decide the values in a column fit to be included in multivalue compression. Is there some formula or it it done based on the total values / Total rows ?
Any information in this regard will be useful.

5 replies, 3 years ago
How to Find Partition Range Already Defined Topic by b4ahmad 14 Apr 2016 Table Partition, Partition Range

 I have Created a Range partition on a table basis of date, suppose from 01-01-2001 to 31-12-2001 Each interval month and did not use NO RANGE, UNKNOWN.
Now the situation is , i got some new data, and there is some new date ranges, which can be prior/post from above partition range. 

1 reply, 3 years ago