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naresh.db2dba 1 post Joined 10/12
09 Oct 2012
Where is Teradata SQL Assistant

Hi, I just recently downloaded "Teradata Express 13 for Windows" software from site, also installed the same successfully in my laptop (windows 7). But now when I am trying to open Teradata SQL Assistant in Start-> All Programs -> Teradata Client 13.0, I'm not getting this tool. I can see other tools like BTEQ, Multiload, Fastload etc, but nowhere I can get SQl Assistant. Where it went ? How to get it ?

markhay 10 posts Joined 06/10
09 Oct 2012

You can do a search on this site for SQLA and find the download for it but better is Teradata Studio Express which has superceded SQLA and contains that functionality plus more. You can download Studio Express here:

Jigar 70 posts Joined 09/11
10 Oct 2012

Try Windows +R (Run ) and SQLA command

txasmst 2 posts Joined 11/12
19 Nov 2012

naresh.db2dba, I have the same issue.  Trying to look for the Tera SQL Assistant, do you have the issue resolved?  Please post.  Thanks.

txasmst 2 posts Joined 11/12
20 Nov 2012

I read the article for terada-studio-express and this tool is now replaced SQLA.  I dowloaded the tool studio-express, made connection to tduser database and it worked.

papshinge 6 posts Joined 04/13
08 Apr 2013

i have downloaded and installed studio but getting difficult ot connect to database .please help me to explain how to connect tduser database

papshinge 6 posts Joined 04/13
08 Apr 2013

I have istalled teradata 13 and studio 14 on my laptop .I could not connet to database  through
studio ,  when test connection ,  It throw the error " ping failed " ..please help me to overcome woth issue  Thanks  !

KS42982 137 posts Joined 12/12
09 Apr 2013

Looks like you are not able to connect to server. Check if the server is up and you have proper rights to connect to that server. Btw, are you using ODBC to connect ?

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