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14 Jul 2009
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14 Jul 2009

Are all of the "legacy" forums being moved here? Or only some of them?

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
15 Jul 2009

Only the technical "legacy" forums are being hosted here. Some non-technical forums will continue to be hosted at the
previous location
. These include:
- Jobs
- Marketing Tips and CRM Best Practices
- Training

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15 Jul 2009

There has been some discussion on why there are no direct equivalents to these legacy forums:
- Teradata Advanced Analytics User Group
- Data Warehousing
The short answer is that there doesn't appear to be enough differentiation between those forums and the Database forum. Many of the topics posted in those forums are not particular to "Advanced Analytics" or "Data Warehousing". We also posted a topic into those forums last week asking for opinion on whether these legacy forums were needed, and nobody requested that we keep them. That said, if at some point down the line we find that there's value in re-instating them, then we can easily do so.

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16 Jul 2009

Any plans to move the content of the old forums over to this forum.

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
16 Jul 2009

We're investigating the feasibility of doing this, and it's certainly something we'd like to do. However, the timeline, if feasible, is weeks-months from now.

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Cheryl 3 posts Joined 06/07
02 Sep 2009

I have a question on how to check for the end of a file in cursor processing in a stored procedure. I have two cursors and I am checking for sqlstate = 00000 for successful processing but I need to know when one of the cursors hits end of file before the other. Would I declare 2 saved fields and stored the value after each fetch? Is it a simple set saved_sqlstate = sqlstate after each fetch? I can't find any documenation on this. I don't know if this is where I ask my question so if not, could you please redirect me? Thank you.

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
02 Sep 2009

@Cheryl: this is the wrong thread for that topic... try creating a new topic in the Database forum:

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Vador 36 posts Joined 08/07
03 Sep 2009

What about the old ATR does it move to this new forum ?

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
03 Sep 2009

The ATR is still operating independently. We may investigate forum/mailing-list integration at some point, but not in the immediate future.

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05 Oct 2009

I think the old forum is more active than this one. The reminder thread over there about this new forum has gone down and new people coming there are not properly/promptly redirected to this forum.
I think moving everything here should be a better option. Or maybe closing new thread creation in the legacy forum and only allow replies to old threads.

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06 Oct 2009

There's been a few road bumps with integrating/retiring the old forums, but we're making progress on that, and this redundant situation should be over soon.

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neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
05 Nov 2009

I'm glad to report that we're making some progress on the forum integration. Watch this space.

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28 Jan 2010

Regarding the technical "legacy" forums, when will they be retired (officially moved to Will we be redirected to this site?

Also, will "The TeradataForum" at be moved to

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
28 Jan 2010

@cyclinsue: the intention is to retire the 'legacy' forums this quarter, possibly in February. Users will then be directed to this site.

> Also, will "The TeradataForum" at be moved to

No, as that is not a Teradata-operated site.

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sreesri 4 posts Joined 03/10
23 Mar 2010


I am getting an error "Create UDF user- password too short" when installing the Teradata express edition 13.0 and the installation was rolling back. I have WIN XP-Sp3 installed on my system. Please help.

swati savalagi 1 post Joined 03/10
30 Mar 2010

Hi all,
2 sec ago
i want to merge the results of many rows including duplicate values to one row.for example like consider column empid

n numbers
i want output as 100,200,400,100,500,200......n

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
30 Mar 2010

@MiBer, @sreesi: Please post UDF-related topics in the Extensibility forum.

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neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
30 Mar 2010

@swati: Please post general SQL questions in the Database forum.

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rraina 1 post Joined 05/10
14 May 2010

I have a teradata ODBC source and I am trying to connect to it using
the Teradata SQL assisstanr ver and I am getting a
"3749:Options Parcel information is invalid" error. This never used to happen earlier. Would somone be able to help resolve this issue? Thanks

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
14 May 2010

@rrain: please post this in the Connectivity forum.

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AndrewChing 1 post Joined 07/10
22 Jul 2010

Sorry this is my first time and I hope this is the right place to post this. I had installed Teradata Express on my laptop running Windows XP Pro and the files are store on an external drive. Unfortunately my external drive was corrupted and unreadable. I need to uninstall the old copy and reinstall a new copy. When I attempted to unistall the database, it could not find the xxx program. What is the best way to do the reinstall? What Tag should I use for this posting?

28 Jul 2010

Q: Can anyone describe that how we can find the Data change frequency in table or column?

Example: I have a table with 5 columns and suppose 100 rows in my table next day i have added the 10 rows again next day i have added 10 rows and again next day i have delete the 5 rows or update 5 rows then finally how we can find that what is the data change frequency in table in respect of percentage?

Note: Based on this percentage we need to collect stats on table or column.

Kris_Kaza 3 posts Joined 08/10
03 Aug 2010

Dear All

I have just registered to Teradata forum and very new. If my question is posted under wrong section sincere apologies.

In one of our current project data is extracted from 1200 source tables (Residing on Oracle 10G), data is extracted using Oracle Data_Pump + PLSQL into a dump file (.dmp or .exp) and imported into Oracle Target 1200 tables using Oracle PLSQL. Just an overnight CDC from source. No transformation of Data.

We do have intentions to move our Target across to Teradata. When this happens,

Question: Can Teradata utilities read contents from Oracle (.dmp or .exp) file which is binary format in import data to target tables residing on Teradata?

devxadmin 6 posts Joined 12/08
05 Aug 2010

@Kris_Kaza: please create a new topic in the Database forum.

devxadmin 6 posts Joined 12/08
05 Aug 2010

@thakurrabikant: Again, please post in the database forum.

devxadmin 6 posts Joined 12/08
05 Aug 2010

@AndrewChing: please post this in the Database or Cloud Computing forum.

Bapineedu 1 post Joined 08/10
19 Aug 2010

What are Major Differences Between Teradata V2R6 and Teradata 12.0 can someone please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,

Joshua 1 post Joined 08/10
19 Aug 2010

Hi All...just joined this forum.

srinsowmya 9 posts Joined 08/09
06 Oct 2010

silent installation of teradata client ( teraGSS, tdicu and cliv2) on NT.


Can some one tell me how to do the silent installation of teradata client ( teraGSS, tdicu and cliv2) on NT?


urskumar 6 posts Joined 08/07
15 Nov 2010

Hi all,

What are Major Differences Between Teradata 12.0 and previous versions??? please let me know.


sekharsree 1 post Joined 12/10
01 Dec 2010

hi all

in my quary having bottelnek problem ? but i hav collect the statistics and i give PI ,SI @ whtevr need to rectify this problem i did all but problem is not resolve wht i do @ how to solve it

alexmax021 1 post Joined 12/10
01 Dec 2010

Hi, I am Alex from USA just join this community need your welcome hope that i ll gain so much from here


14 Feb 2011

hi every one, I am new to teradata right now i have installed teradata on my laptop with the help of vm ware my laptop configuration is 4GB ram(i have given 2GB for vmware), i had also installed linux with the help of vm ware now I want to install teradata on linux platform.Can any one help me out.please tell me steps how to install teradata on linux. where I can find the proper software,does my laptop support it........even a small help is very useful for me.


krajkumar14 1 post Joined 02/11
20 Feb 2011

hai i am rajkumar working in IBM as a teradata professional.. i have a oracle if user( not a admin) delete a table ...we can retrieve a table using flashback command as a normal questions is there any command is there in teradata...thanks in advance

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13 Mar 2011

hello friends, now onwords we all are one. please share our guidelines

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13 Mar 2011

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14 Mar 2011

I am trying to run a very simple query. I keep receiving syntax errors. I am at the Beginner level but under the gun to produce this query and manipulate the data. Please call me in the next few minutes if you can help - Cell - 832.731.2628 - Jeff. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

teradata001 1 post Joined 04/11
07 Apr 2011

can any one give me what are the tools are uses in development process thank you in adavnce

kattamadhu 6 posts Joined 02/11
11 Apr 2011

I am trying to run a very simple query. I keep receiving syntax errors.i am importing the data from laptop but error is
error: Use IMPORT to open a file first before
trying to read from it.
query is
empid varchar(10)),
deptno varchar(20))
insert into tduser.emp values(:empid,:deptno)

QAtester 1 post Joined 05/11
12 May 2011

hello friends,

Can anyone help me out with the terradata DCM module as we are replacing it with our legacy DCM system...

my first question would be while testing the screens in it which screens are the most important in Replenishment and forecasting, allocation, Cpi etc...

A early would be appreciated.


sunny.j 90 posts Joined 10/10
31 May 2011

why period data type is powerful in teradata 13.0 . can any one explain how will period data type will improve the performance in teradata 13.0 instead of using general columns with date data types .

Satheesh41 2 posts Joined 05/11
01 Jun 2011

I've a case function in stored procedure need to change teradata query.

CASE WHEN DB.T.JobCmpltdDtTm < DB.T.JobCmpltWndwEndDtTmCalc+1
WHEN db.T.JobCmpltdDtTm IS NULL
ELSE DATEDIFF(DAY,DB.T.JobCmpltWndwEndDtTmCalc,DB.T.JobCmpltdDtTm)

Satheesh41 2 posts Joined 05/11
01 Jun 2011

I'm new to this terdata developement......

SAGARDDD 2 posts Joined 06/11
01 Jun 2011


I want to know the ans. of a simple Q...

Which component is part of Teradata's open architecture?


04 Jun 2011

Hi guys,

I just joined this forum and am hoping to learn and grow as time goes along. Please accept my apologies if this is the wrong forum, not quite sure where to post.

I tried to download the file. It appears to be corrupt. I have a hp Compaq 8510p with Win 7 x64, and I am not sure which version is the right one.

I have an assignment to work with MVC compression, and would like to run the compression toolkits on my own environment before approaching the client. Which version would you recommend for my particular laptop?

Thank you very much in advance for your reply

maddhu 1 post Joined 06/11
09 Jun 2011

Can any one give me the limitations on mload delete
I am new to teradata
can any one help please

Ronaldmooney 1 post Joined 07/11
01 Jul 2011

hi...nice work

rahul123 1 post Joined 07/11
09 Jul 2011

Hi all,

can any one provide me the bteq script to load data from TD table to excel.

my requirement is that ... i have some data validation query and i need to run after each load.
so i want to capture result for each query in one excel but in different tab.

please help me out ...


the_flazh 1 post Joined 07/11
29 Jul 2011

Hi all,
i new with TeraData...
I'm using TeraData Express..
And when i'm trying to use multiload ultility, i got a problem

when i already define the logtable and then logon, i automatically out from the multiload tool.

Please help me out


TSJ 2 posts Joined 08/11
06 Aug 2011

How do I open all 4 panes in the main window of Teradata SQL Assistant namely the Query window, Answerset (results) window, a History window, and a window for Database Explorer.

dsaval 1 post Joined 08/11
08 Aug 2011

Hi there,
I am currently facing issue in getting tablesizes for few tables .
This tables exists in database but i am not able to get its sizes by running query on dbc.tablesize.I get select output and also i get sel count but not tablesize.
Database version is 12.0
If anyone has come across this issue please let me know or Any ways to get .


neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
10 Aug 2011

@Dhananjay, please post this as a topic in the Database forum.

DevX Platform Architect

jkimley 1 post Joined 06/11
19 Aug 2011

I just installed Teradata 13 Express for Windows. SQL Assistant is supposed to be part of the install but doesn't show up in Start->All Programs->(Anything having to do with Teradata). Is there an installation log file for Teradata 13 Express for Windows?

banven 1 post Joined 08/11
21 Aug 2011

Hi I need fing the skewness of my database table along with the no.of rows in tables. my databse consist of 1000 table . please help me. send the replay for my mail thanks in advance

ksaikrishna 26 posts Joined 08/11
26 Aug 2011


Can we use Translate & Replace functions in Teradata?

Thanks ,




MSwetha 6 posts Joined 06/11
08 Nov 2011

Hi one quick question why multiload does not support unique secondary index ? Please revert back me at earliest.







Thanks in advance,



nancyk 2 posts Joined 01/08
14 Nov 2011

How does one create a new forum?


Lingeswara 1 post Joined 11/11
29 Nov 2011

Hello ,

I am planning to export the data in a Teradata table toa flat file in UNIX using BTEQ.

My expected output is  a pure delimited file. '~' .( It is ok if the delimter is some thing else)

I tried exporting  using the REPORT,INDICDATA,DATA,DIF mode.

But I did not get the data in the required format.

I need this output to be read by a shell script .

can somebody help

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
29 Nov 2011

BTEQ doesn't support delimited output.

You have to export in report format and concat all columns in your select:

  trim(col1) || '~' || trim(col2) || '~' || col3


And of course, you should post the question as a new topic in an appropiate forum.



krishna257 1 post Joined 12/11
25 Dec 2011


0001 .LOGTABLE dwlogtable;

0002 .LOGON,;

**** 21:15:54 UTY8400 Teradata Database Release:

**** 21:15:54 UTY8400 Teradata Database Version:

**** 21:15:54 UTY8400 Default character set: ASCII

**** 21:15:54 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has interval support

**** 21:15:54 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has UDT support

**** 21:15:54 UTY8400 Maximum supported buffer size: 1M

**** 21:15:54 UTY8400 Data Encryption supported by RDBMS server

**** 21:15:54 UTY1008 RDBMS failure: 3524, The user does not have CREATE TABLE a

ccess to

     database DBC.

**** 21:15:54 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.171601 Seconds'

     .       Start : 21:15:53 - SUN DEC 25, 2011

     .       End   : 21:15:54 - SUN DEC 25, 2011

     .       Highest return code encountered = '12'.  


             my login failled in mload,fload,fexp error was rdbms failure how to access to database please send me ur answer

Meenal.Luktuke 2 posts Joined 12/11
28 Dec 2011


I am able to run BTEQ from UNIX system but when i try to invoke FEXP, i am getting the below error--


0002 .logon cnewd/ml492p,;
**** 01:37:11 UTY8400 Teradata Database Release:
**** 01:37:11 UTY8400 Teradata Database Version:
**** 01:37:11 UTY8400 Default character set: ASCII
**** 01:37:11 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has UDT support
**** 01:37:11 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has Large Decimal support
**** 01:37:11 UTY8400 Maximum supported buffer size: 1M
**** 01:37:11 UTY8400 Data Encryption supported by RDBMS server
**** 01:37:11 UTY1008 RDBMS failure: 3524, The user does not have CREATE TABLE access to
     database ml492p.
**** 01:37:12 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.071625 Seconds'
     .       Start : 01:36:52 - THU DEC 29, 2011
     .       End   : 01:37:12 - THU DEC 29, 2011
     .       Highest return code encountered = '12'.


Can anyone please help??



Samya 21 posts Joined 11/11
30 Dec 2011


I am using Teradata Universal Connector V 13. It is UI based . I want to customize and configure it for sending and receiving events using Java API,

so that I can invoke it through Java code 

Can anyone provide pointers on it.

- Samya 

success123 1 post Joined 01/12
12 Jan 2012

Pls let me know how can I can a teradata SQL script from Unix Shell script..

Is there a way to achieve this.

- Thanks


madelca100 3 posts Joined 01/12
27 Jan 2012

This ought to be simple, yet I can't find it anywhere.

How can I tell SQL Assistant to look for a custom syntax file on a network drive? 

The default is c:\program files\ncr\terdata sql assistant.  This does not allow me to have one syntax file for all users.  I would have to create a copy on each users c: drive and maintain each copy.  

Please tell me there is a better way to do this. 




kae1 6 posts Joined 08/11
02 Feb 2012

I have an Error Code 2689 from FastLoad.  I can't find the description of that error code.  Where can get the description of that and other FastLoad error codes?  I am looking through the documentation, but have not been able to locate it yet...  Thanks!

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
02 Feb 2012

In the documentation - Section Gerneral -> Messages


2689 Field is null for column defined as NOT


Explanation: This error occurs only when the input

parcel contains a null field that is not defined as nullable.

Generated By: MoveRow.

For Whom: End User.

Notes: This is caused by an incorrect input parcel.

Remedy: Verify that valid data was submitted from

the host computer.

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kae1 6 posts Joined 08/11
02 Feb 2012

Thank you for your help Ulrich!  That is exactly what I was looking for.

sivakumar59 1 post Joined 02/12
04 Feb 2012

Hi freinds


iam new to Teradata iam running Mload script iam getting the below error can u help me?


     =                                                                      =
     =          MultiLoad Utility    Release MLOD.              =
     =          Platform WIN32                                              =
     =                                                                      =
     =                                                                      =
     =     Copyright 1990-2009 Teradata Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.   =
     =                                                                      =
**** 17:47:01 UTY2411 Processing start date: WED FEB 04, 2009
     =                                                                      =
     =          Logon/Connection                                            =
     =                                                                      =
0001 .logon,;
**** 17:47:01 UTY6214 Reminder: A .Logtable statement must be entered for a successful logon.
     =                                                                      =
     =          Processing Control Statements                               =
     =                                                                      =
0002 .logtable sivakumar.party33;
**** 17:47:02 UTY8400 Teradata Database Release:
**** 17:47:02 UTY8400 Teradata Database Version:
**** 17:47:02 UTY8400 Default character set: ASCII                         
**** 17:47:02 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has interval support
**** 17:47:02 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has UDT support
**** 17:47:02 UTY8400 Maximum supported buffer size: 1M
**** 17:47:02 UTY8400 Data Encryption supported by RDBMS server
**** 17:47:02 UTY1008 RDBMS failure: 3524, The user does not have CREATE TABLE access to
     database sivakumar.
**** 17:47:02 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.453125 Seconds'
     .       Start : 17:47:01 - WED FEB 04, 2009
     .       End   : 17:47:02 - WED FEB 04, 2009
     .       Highest return code encountered = '12'.

guyvogt 1 post Joined 05/09
08 Feb 2012


I am tring to load a variable length test file in Teradata using Fastload.  I am using the Teradata Fastload for Windows.  The file is tab delimited.

I am using the SET RECORD VARTEXT "\t" command in the Fastload script but I get the following error:

**** 09:35:04 Field too large in vartext data record: 2, field:

It is not recognizing the tab delimiters in the file using "\t" in the SET RECORD VARTEXT command.  What should I be using?


Stefans 38 posts Joined 02/12
22 Feb 2012

Hi Siva - Grant CREATE access to the user ID to carry out the operation in that database.



rhohn 2 posts Joined 01/10
28 Feb 2012

We recently moved to TD 13. 

Have a web app we are upgrading the drivers on.Receiving an error loading up a reference table with a simple select

[Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1077] [SQLState HY000] executeQuery() cannot be used when there is no result set expected; use executeUpdate() or execute()

The query runs fine in DBViz using the same JDBC JARs.  Here’s the Java code piece in question:

StringBuffer stmtBuffer = new StringBuffer();                                             stmtBuffer.append(loadAppPropertiesSQL1);

stmtBuffer.append(adwRFRN);                                            stmtBuffer.append(loadAppPropertiesSQL2);

stmt = jdbcObject.getCon().prepareStatement(stmtBuffer.toString());       

rs = stmt.executeQuery(); 

The error would suggest that the JDBC driver is having trouble recognising the query as a SELECT.  Here is the precise query trying to be executed:

The SQL statement is: 



Any idea ?



tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
29 Feb 2012

You are using a very old version of the Teradata JDBC Driver. You may have encountered a known problem in that old version -- JDBC DR 147087.

Please upgrade to the newest version of the Teradata JDBC Driver that is available here on Developer Exchange.


paddysmith 2 posts Joined 03/12
05 Mar 2012




I have a newbie .i have interest to share importent matter....

rahul.tiwari 1 post Joined 03/12
14 Mar 2012



I have been curious about Teradata 14.0 release. Can you please let me know if Teradata14.0 has released? And drom where can i download Teradata 14.0 server and client.

Thanking you in advance.



AhujaAmit 1 post Joined 05/11
23 Mar 2012

Hi Team,


can anyone tell me where is the LINK to download for "TeraData SQL Assistant 3.xx"??




prolo23 1 post Joined 04/12
02 Apr 2012

hey, also would like to know if you have the download link for teradata sql assistant ^^^

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gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
02 Apr 2012

Under the downloads tab:

There is an option for "Teradata Studio Express" which is the SQLA Java / Eclipse based version ... just a new name. 

kisansenapati 1 post Joined 04/12
04 Apr 2012


Can anyone help in writting a script in unix for the below requirement.

i have a list of teradata queries which i want to run from a unix script and store the outputs of different queries in different files.


Raj kumar T 7 posts Joined 04/12
06 Apr 2012


I have installed TERADATA EXPRESS 12,

Can anyone please guide me how to create and connect to own database.

Thanks in advance.

Raj kumar T

ksaikrishna 26 posts Joined 08/11
09 Apr 2012


Can anyone guide me how to find the Parent and child relationship between tables in teradata.


Thanks in advance.

Gyanendra 10 posts Joined 03/11
11 Apr 2012


Hi Kisansenapati,


Make a BTEQ script and call that from Unix and Your BTEQ file will look like below-


.logon <Host id>/<User id>,<password>


.export file=file1

SQL 1;

.export reset;



.export file=file2


.export reset


and so on..







Gyanendra 10 posts Joined 03/11
11 Apr 2012

Hi Raj,

You will see an shortcut on your desktop "Teradata Service Control". Launch that and click the option "Start the Teradata".

Once Teradata is running, go to ODBC Administrator and create a new connection.

Use below details.

IP -, Username- DBC, Password - DBC



Connect to Teradata SQL Assistant using this new connection. You will get some database already created and you can create your own databases, users and other objects.



24 Apr 2012


I have a requirement in teradata, In Storeprocedure my parameters are Month and year.

I need moth first date and month last date.

example: if month=02 and year=2012 then Start date=02/01/2012 and End date=02/29/2012.

Can any one help me in this please......



srivalli_b 3 posts Joined 04/12
07 May 2012



VAL_TYP_CD column values















 I want to split six records based on above three column.





1                                  10                                 20 


I want output is:


1 10 20 hours

1 10 20 direct

1 10 20 'OVERHEAD'

1 10 20 'GA'


1 10 20 'FCOM'

1 10 20 'TOTAL'








raminriahi 1 post Joined 02/12
08 May 2012

Hi all,

Here is my delema:

As part of an automated system which builds a db, i have to be able to change session's  default database  to something that dynamicaaly comes fropm a table.

TD version:13.10

1-I know DATABASE command considered DDL and can not be run inside an SP.

2-Tried combination of Macro & SP : no luck ... dbc.sysexecsql() won't run inside the Macro(says it doesn't exist, even with fully qualified name addressing)

3-my very last line of defence is using dynamic sql, just to be able to dynamically point to different database objects. It's very ugly ....


Please don't say i can't do this or that, i already notified by Teradata PE zillion times   ;O) . Any practical solution is appreciated in advanced !


Also, does anybody know what's the technical reason for not being able to change Database on the fly and within an scipt? Just too many/much restrictions in TD scripting, I can't believe an enterprise level product with this many years in the market is so basic and primitive from time to time. It feels like trying to  write application with Assembly.  






Thanks in advanced!


annag199 4 posts Joined 05/12
09 May 2012

Teradata Developer

Orange CA

2-3 years

Teradata Consultant with Strong 5-7 years' experience as Developer with following skills

. Expert level work experience in a Teradata environment using TD12

. Expert level working experience using Teradata Utilities (BTEQ, Fast Load,

MultiLoad, FastExport, TPump)

. Expert level experience using Teradata Tools (SQL Assistant, PMON,

Teradata Administrator)

. Expert level performance tuning on Teradata

. Expert level knowledge of Teradata BTEQ scripts to implement business


. Experience on large multi terabytes data warehouses

. Expert level SQL skills

. Excellent communication skills



Thanks & Regards,

Ana Gonzalez


O: 909-581-9559  | F: 714.494.8043  | |

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srivalli_b 3 posts Joined 04/12
11 May 2012

I need to calculate week in month no by useing below condition.


D_CM_ACCT_CAL(Table by Week),D_CM_ACCT_CAL_DAY(Table by month) are calender tables.

D_CM_ACCT_CAL (sample data):
1/3/1992 12/30/1991 1/5/1992 199201
12/30/1991 12/30/1991 1/5/1992 199201
1/1/1992 12/30/1991 1/5/1992 199201
1/18/1992 1/13/1992 1/19/1992 199201
1/22/1992 1/20/1992 1/26/1992 199201
1/24/1992 1/20/1992 1/26/1992 199201
2/2/1992 1/27/1992 2/2/1992 199201

D_cm_acct_cal_day(sample data)

12/30/1991 0:00 1/5/1992 0:00 199,201
1/6/1992 0:00 1/12/1992 0:00 199,201
1/13/1992 0:00 1/19/1992 0:00 199,201
1/20/1992 0:00 1/26/1992 0:00 199,201
1/27/1992 0:00 2/2/1992 0:00 199,201

DTL_TBL_DT = 5/7/2012
CNT = 1131
WSTART = 5/4/2012
WEND = 5/10/2012
MO_NBR = 5
MON_BEGIN_DATE = 4/27/2012 - This is the month begin date that 5/7/2012 belongs to
MON_END_DATE = 5/31/2012
PERIOD = 201205
MTD_HRS = 192
GFY = 2012
FYEAR = 2012
FMONTH = 2012M05
FQTR = 2012Q2
PRD_WK_IN_MO = 2012052
LAST_MO_STR_DT = 3/30/2012 - This is the previous month based on sysdate
LAST_MO_END_DT = 4/26/2012
LAST_3_STR_DT = 1/27/2012 - This is the previous 3 months based on sysdate
LAST_3_END_DT = 4/26/2012

Please help me

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
15 May 2012

I don't know where you got these questions from, but why don't you try to solve them on your own (using the manuals and a TD Express)?

This would help you to gather more knowledge on Teradata instead of trying to memorize answers like a trained monkey.



dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
15 May 2012

Whom do you believe?

Your first hand experience when you actuallly tried the CREATE or some braindumps or other dubious sources?



Jaykar625 1 post Joined 05/12
16 May 2012



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