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b4ahmad 9 posts Joined 01/16
27 Jan 2016
virtual machine performance

Hi, I am new to teradata learning, I have download vm Express edition for testing purpose, but this is a very limited in performance, i want to test a machine have a little bit big data, ALL i have to face that, when ever i run a query especially with aggregation, i takes lots of mins to perform the result having 0.5 millions of rows
What i found right now, that i could not add amps in current configuration, which is the responsible in terms of performance.
Can i get vm having more powerfull configuration, in terms of amps or any other solution.
Any help will be appreciated...

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
27 Jan 2016

How much physical memory do you have on the host machine, and how much have you dedicated to the VM? How many virtual "CPUs"?
And which version of TD Express?

b4ahmad 9 posts Joined 01/16
27 Jan 2016

There is 8GB total physical memory on the machine, and at first , assigned 2gb to vm and after that i increase it to 4GB and then 6GB
There is 8 Core CPUs machine, and assigen 4 core to the vm , 
I got folloing results by running this Query

select count(t1.ProcId) Nodes, sum(t1.AmpCount) Amps, sum(t1.PECount) PEs

from table (MonitorPhysicalResource()) as t1

where t1.Status = 'U'



Nodes   AMPs      PEs




  I wonder, why this is not giving me the performance , i could know , how to increase AMPs , Either , i have try to do that by begin config command to set the APMs by using following command
bc add amps 4 -7, cn =3, but it display the messge that i have trail version, and could not fullfill this command such like message, 
So , there is any way , by which i could get performace to compare with other database ...
Note: Please ignore, if i am asking some stupid question, because i do not have much experience in dba , but in development..
Thanks in advance: 

b4ahmad 9 posts Joined 01/16
27 Jan 2016

Sorry, i forget to mention the TD Version
Teradata version is 14.10

b4ahmad 9 posts Joined 01/16
27 Jan 2016

Try to attach vm configuration 

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
27 Jan 2016

Adding AMPs would not help, as you still got the same CPU/IO/RAM, just divide it by more AMPs.
I assume you're limited by IO, does Explain show "not be cached in memory"?
Do you run the VM on a harddisk or a SSD? I never had problems with VMs on SSD.
Years ago I've seen very bad performance because the VM was running on a compressed harddrive.
Btw, based on the screenshot you're running a TD14 with only 4GB, if this is true you might run into MiniCylPacks when available space gets low.
You should go for the 40GB version.


b4ahmad 9 posts Joined 01/16
28 Jan 2016

Hi Dieter,
         Thank you for your response, Yes, vm is running on sata drive not on SSD.  I got 40GB version and still no luck. I believe , this is some what configuration issue as you explained.
Dieter, i could not understand what you said "just divide it by more AMPs."  how can i do that ? moreover ,  show "not be cached in memory"? ... can you please explain it
following is the new cofiguartion with 40GB version
I just want to know, where i am going wrong.
Is there a huge difference in performance btw ssd and hard drive.. there are other databases running on harddisk giving good performane, as what i am looking to execute a query giving results in 5-10 seconds, but here on td in 4-5 min

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