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du11 2 posts Joined 05/13
30 Oct 2014
View's base table timestamp

I am finding out set of view's base table's last access timestamp. Right now I do
1. show view on the view name
2. Get the table name from the result
3. And find the table's last access time stamp from dbc.tables
Since there are a lot of views, for whose base tables i am finding the last access timestamp, Is there any other easier way to do this.

krishaneesh 140 posts Joined 04/13
30 Oct 2014

Have you tried getting it from PDCRinfo.dbqlobjtbl_hst

du11 2 posts Joined 05/13
30 Oct 2014

Thank you.
I have insufficent access to this table. So.. is there anyother wayout??

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