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Subhash.Gander 22 posts Joined 07/09
21 Mar 2012
Unassigned Work Load Definition For properly Configured User in TASM !!!!


In our shop we have Teradata with DBQL & TASM implementation.


Yesterday I extracted some data from DBQL for analysis that consists queries performance metrics along with work load and final workload definition for the a user.


And interestingly observed that some of the queries had UNASSIGNED work load definition provided the fact that user was properly configured in TASM, that's why other queries from the same user had WD-Continuous as workload definition.


On Further analysis I found that all queries which had workload definition as "UNASSIGNED" had AMPCPUTIME as ZERO, it means request never crossed PE , may be that's why not reached to TASM and did not classified properly according to TASM.


But I am not sure about above conclusion.


So experts, request you all to share your thoughts that why I had workload definition as "UNASSIGNED" for some queries, though user was properly classified in TASM.




geethareddy 37 posts Joined 10/11
06 Jan 2015

WDName is 'Unassigned' in PDCRINFO.DBQLOGTBL_HST when the WDID is NULL in DBC.DBQLOGTBL. 
WDID is NULL for the TASM bypassed users by design. Generally in many client places, TDWM, DBC, VIEWPOINTUSER(optional) will be bypassed. So these ID sessions will be logged under UNASSIGNED WLName.
In addition, queries like: 'sel database','BT','ET','help session'..will not be assigned with a workload.


sureshbadam 14 posts Joined 09/07
25 Nov 2015

  I got exactly same situation. As Geeta mentioned, I checked at my end and I do not see any of those conditions (like user DBC, TDWM and etc; help, show.. My requests are data extract SQLs ). Requests on Teradata are delayed when there is no WDID assigned. 
  Have you figured it out any solution or the reason? Can you please share your recent findings?
Suresh badam

sureshbadam 14 posts Joined 09/07
25 Nov 2015

Added more details to my earlier questions.

Glass 225 posts Joined 04/10
25 Nov 2015

This may help explain.
I log K's/ day , all have 0 ampcputime, many do have small parsercputime.

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
25 Nov 2015

- all the unassigned ones are on the 24th, the ones with a WD are on the 23rd. Did a change to TASM settings occur?
- all the unassigned ones have 0 cpu time and 0 execution time. This suggests that they were parser only - an error? prepare? condition in the query that was known by the parser to result in no rows qualifying?

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