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07 Oct 2013
Unable to connect Teradata V14 using Teradata SQL Assistant from Windows 7

I installed Teradata V14 for VMWARE on my Windows 7 (64 bit) Machine. Then I installed .Net provider, ODBC driver (Both 64bit and 32bit) on my Windows to Connect Teradata using Teradata SQL Assistant.
But when I try to connect Teradata from SQL Assistant I get the error Teradata Server is not accepting connections.
I tried ping from my windows to VMWARE Suse linux where Teradata is installed. I get the response. But only when connecting thru SQL Assistant I am unable to.
I defined the Data source and all configurations as mentioned in Teradata forums. Still I couldnt connect.
Pls help.
Note : Teradata is working fine in VMWARE. I am able to access only in VMWARE using BTEQ, Not from Windows using SQL Assistant.

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