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10 Apr 2014
Treating NULL from bteq export

Hi ,
   I am facing problem when i upload  files exported using bteq into MYSQL
the problem mysql reads NULL as 'NULL ' so falls over
any help on this would be great.
Thank you


Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
10 Apr 2014

I feel that bteq export is fine. I think you use load data infile mysql. where you may need to check the script......
If I am not wrong \N is represented for NULL in mysql. Do you need to have then .SET NULL AS 'NULL' ? I am not sure, since you set SESSION CHARSET set to UTF8. Have not seen the data.

Raja K Thaw
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11 Jul 2014

Hi Raja,
 I got an soultion to this in the below  link
and yes BTEQ export was all fine,there was some tweaking needed at the mysql side

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