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mnylin 118 posts Joined 12/09
11 Apr 2012
Tracking Database Change Requests

Has anyone found a tool or product that has assisted them in managing change requests and details for changes to data models, database structures, and/or ETL code for their Teradata Data Warehouse?  In the past I've used everything from email to Excel spreadsheets on SharePoint to code repositories like cvs or TFS but haven't been happy with any of them.  I've thought about designing something to hook to a Metadata repository but if there's already something out there that does what I need, I'd rather use that.  Any input is appreciated.


03 May 2012

Not sure if there is an application but I guess this can be developed using SQL queries on dictionary tables application by application. This problem normally does not arise if a good change management policy is in place which very well analyzes the dependencies during the impact analysis and communicates the changes to the stake holders.

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

Barrett 3 posts Joined 05/12
24 May 2012

Hello friends We're in the fairly early stages of building out a data mart, so the majority of the changes made, at least count-wise, are minor things: changing the data type for a column, altering the names of tables as we crystallize what they'll be used for, tweaking functions and stored procs,

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