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Prashanta 3 posts Joined 10/10
20 May 2016
TPT Update operator

I do want to load different 5 tables using tpt update operator can anybody tell me. how it can be done in TPT update script.further help is appreciated.

Sandy143 1 post Joined 04/13
16 Aug 2016

Hi Feinholz,
Hope you are doing great. I have tried loading the tables using the tpt tbuild utility to load the data from one machine to another . However while loading i'm using the update operator in the apply statement . What i have noticed in this case is that only the new records are getting inserted but no updates are working. Assume there are 3 columns col1,col2 and col3 with records as 1,2& 3 respectively i have copied these records initialy to a table in another server. Now the record 3 in col3 is updated to 4 in server one . when I run the utility i dont see the record getting updated although i use the update statement in my apply statement of TPT.
Request you to please please help me and let me know what has to be changed. Version I'm using is 15.10.

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