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23 Sep 2011
TPT over other Load Utilities

How do TPT differs compared to other Load utilities??


Teradata NooB.
markhay 10 posts Joined 06/10
27 Sep 2011

Advantages of TPT over the legacy Stand-alone load tools:

1. Scalable loads on the client load server

If the bottleneck of the load job is the I/O reading the data files or the CPU used by the load job, TPT can scale multiple processes to overcome the bottleneck. With TPT, Teradata offers a fully scalable load solution on the client load server and Teradata Database to meet the service level agreement for a load job.

2. Superior Integration with commercial ETL tools

TPT has an API built for commercial ETL tools to use to scale load jobs and for a tighter integration with more control of the load job for the ETL tool. We highly recommend that you use one of the top ETL tools that integrates with Teradata.

3. Many ease of use features (too many to list here)

  • Four interfaces (in addition to using an ETL tool):
    • Script - most robust for building complex and scalable load jobs
    • API - superior integration with ETL tools
    • Command line - for simpler load jobs, can have an entire load job on a single command line
    • Wizard - GUI only used to learn the script language and not to be used for building production load jobs
  • Single product with single script language to run multiple load protocols (e.g., FastLoad, MultiLoad, TPump, and FastExport). Users only have to learn one language and not four.
  • Can extract production data from one Teradata system and load a test Teradata system with a single load job.
  • Can read multiple files from multiple directories where the files have disparate schema in a single load job.
  • Can have a single script that defines all three load protocols (e.g., FL, ML, TP) and can choose which one to execute at run time. Everything in a TPT script is substitutable -  which should be used as a best practice.

4. The legacy Stand-alone load tools are stabilized with no new features being added. All new features go into TPT. Customers should freeze their use of the legacy Stand-alone load tools and use TPT for all new load application development. The ETL vendors are using TPT.

Those are a few advantages off the top of my head and there are more.

Karam 75 posts Joined 07/09
16 Nov 2011

How about limits or disadvantages ?

Can anyone list any limitations compared to fload/mload ?

Samya 21 posts Joined 11/11
08 Dec 2011


Sorry Everyone, for putting up this post here as i was not sure of where to put.

I am trying to move a table from teradata to a flat file,my present working env is hadoop env, here i have  the script file , but i moved this to TD env so as to run the tbuild -f script_name cmd.

Now my question is, is there any way of executing this very script from any env, by providing the login credentials of TD.

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