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Cvinodh 32 posts Joined 10/11
17 Sep 2012
Teradata V14 Certification

Hi all,
I recently recieved an E-mail inviting me to take the TD-14 beta certification exams.
I am a Teradata V12 certified technical specialist.
I am planning to take further  V12 certifications.
How long will the V12 certification program be continued and then eventually be replaced by V14.
If V12 certification program is terminated how will the transition to V14 certification track will be?
will i have to retake all the exams I have previously completed?

WAQ 158 posts Joined 02/10
19 Sep 2012

And what about TD-13? There should be TD-13 before going to TD-14.
And secondly right now TD-12 certification is available, so I don't think that one can do TD-14.
Was that email came from Teradata?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
19 Sep 2012

There's a new certification very other major release: R2V3, R2V5, TD12, TD14.
Beta-phase for some TD14 tests is upcoming:
TD12 certification will probably be available for at least one year, so there's plenty of time.
The basic rule was "you can't mix tests for different releases", but for Masters there used to be an an upgrade exam, i don't know if there will be one for the other tracks.


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