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gbukhbinder 1 post Joined 03/14
14 Mar 2014
Teradata SQL Assistant 12 slow on fetching data to answer sets

It has become very slow fetching an answer set (serval seconds per row) during last several days using Teradata SQL Assistant. I never experienced this problem before. Rebooting the computer does not help. People use Teradata SQL Assistant in our office pritty intensively, but no one has ever experienced this problem. Please help.

victoryvick123 2 posts Joined 09/15
03 Sep 2015

I am experiencing the same problem. Did you find a solution to this?
My DBAs couldn't help. I need someone in the community to help with this.
It is frustrating to see 1000 rows fetch for 1500 seconds. Please help!

victoryvick123 2 posts Joined 09/15
11 Sep 2015

Can some please help me understand the problem?
My SQL Assitant has been upgraded from 13.10 to 14.10(with ODBC 14.00), and I still see the same problem. Fetching 2000 rows is taking more than 20 minutes.

IK186007 1 post Joined 06/11
07 Oct 2015

I have the same problem in SQL Assistant.
Cuople additional points:
Slow answerset I have only with ODBC driver. With .NET everything OK.
The same problem with Teradata MDS ODBC connection.
I use TTU on Windows Server 2008 R2 PC.
I checked ODBC 13.10, 14.00, 14.10, 15.00, 15.10 - nothing helped.
Anyone faced with trouble like this?

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