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Sean_Kelly 13 posts Joined 03/14
18 Feb 2016
Teradata Roles Based Privileges And User Based Privileges

Looking for some advise,

Traditionally in our data warehouse we have given access rights to the users due to the company at the time being small over time the comapny has changed but the process it which we give user rights has not. When I joined the company I was new to teradata and a team of people required the same access I sugguested using a Teradata Role. 
My question is does user base privileges still work if the user is assigned to a role? 

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
18 Feb 2016

Yes. Any privileges provided via role(s) are in addition to any privileges granted specifically to the user.

Sean_Kelly 13 posts Joined 03/14
19 Feb 2016

Thank You Fred

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