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mithunganguly 12 posts Joined 12/13
17 Sep 2014
Teradata Procedure Issue

Hi All,
   I have created a Teradata Procedure using SYSDBA ID in Database A. I am trying to execute the procedure through a different User - USER B. The procedure creates some temporary tables in Database C. The procedure is failing saying The user does not have the CREATE TABLE access to database C.
When I execute the Create Statement from the same User - USER B through SQL Assistant, it is able to create table. Also, there is a similar procedure created with Same SysDBAID in Database A and executing through User B, which is able to create tables in Database C.
So, it seems there is some Prociedure level access rights which is missing. Can someone help me on this to resolve this issue.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
17 Sep 2014

You may want to consider posting this in the "Database" forum category where it will get more related expertise exposure.

larun1616 29 posts Joined 09/14
18 Sep 2014

HI Mithun
By default only the creator has access to procedure. However the user can give access to other user (username) or PUBLIC which will give the access to everyone.


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