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Tdusersam 2 posts Joined 02/16
07 Feb 2016
Teradata perm space release issue

We have a scenario in our teradata database where perm space is not getting released even when we delete all rows from the tables. Also, under the same condition the current perm of 2 replica tables with same rowcount, same structure and same index are deviating by 300% . when in a manual effort, we dropped and recreated the table, the currentperm was back to expected. Can somebody tell me any potential reason ?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
07 Feb 2016

Two possible reasons come to mind:
- It's a Temporal Table, all rows were closed
- ONLINE ARCHIVE was used, but not switched off. Check using dbc.ArchiveLoggingObjsV.


Tdusersam 2 posts Joined 02/16
09 Feb 2016

Thanks Dieter ! Online archiving was indeed the issue. It was not turned off.

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