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06 Jan 2012
Teradata Password Policy

Can ny1 plse help me with PAssword policy ..

Can i set my password as password to the same old password..

Also can i make my password as no expiration...

Plse inputs ur suggestions ASAP.




Teradata NooB.
Karam 75 posts Joined 07/09
06 Jan 2012

you need to either modify values under table dbc.syssecdefaults (and a possible system restart to push the changes) or if the users have profiles defined then you need to modify profile. Either way it's possible to attend your requirement.

VasuKillada 31 posts Joined 10/11
11 Jan 2012

yes you can set your password as no expiration and also have your password as password. you can do this in the profile that you belong to. But remember if you change the profile for which your user ID belongs it also affects other users in that profile. Also there is a conservative approach from Teradata security point of view the user who is changing the profile and is part of the part of the profile has few restrictions.

you can do this via SQLA or from TD Administrator. Go to tools>Administer>Profiles. Pick the profilenamea and go to the Password tab and have NULL for the fields meaning leave empty.

you should be good.



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