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nikhilaggarwal 7 posts Joined 03/12
03 Oct 2014
TDExpress15 VM resulting in Blue screen of death...

I downloaded VM TDExpress15.0.0.8_Sles11_40GB. But when I am trying to play this virtual machine it results into "Blue Screen of Death" screen. Over there I found it is giving BAD_POOL_HEADER error. Can anyone help me out in resolving this issue ? 
I tried this on both VMPlayer and VMWare workstation10 by allocating 2GB of RAM, but seems like issue is in VM file.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
03 Oct 2014

I think 2 GB RAM is not an issue.
By highlighting more details of your OS, version, capacity. etc etc , VMWARE details....It can help. Because Windows to be frank has lots of things :). Try to defrag or analyze your os maybe.
Just to share with all in the community, I don't know it may be because I download the latest vmware from somewhere, some other malicious software programs from sales got downloaded and they disturbed my system..... jollywalltet, crossrider....At program level, they have different names. I uninstalled them somehow :)

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