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08 Feb 2013
TARA GUI ---is there a better file management than what is offered in the GUI?

Our current version of TARA ( gives us a file name drop down box for the TARA scripts that only shows 19 characters and will drop down and only show 7 TARA scripts.   We have hundreds of scripts (both archives and restores) to maintain in 2 environments (DEV and PROD).  Our file naming standard makes most of the first 19 bytes of the TARA script name the same.   So to find the one that is needed we have to go down to where we think the script my be in the list and then keep scrolling to the right then repeat until it is found.  Very frustrating!  Does anyone else have this issue?
I would like to use an editor like ULTRA edit but our systems people say everything must be edited through the GUI or the scripts bomb out.  Because of that they do not allow us to get direct access to the scripts outside of the TARA GUI.  Is this true? Does anyone out there use a TARA script edit scheme that doesn't use the TARA GUI?   I want to use a file tree to show the list of TARA Scripts!
Teradata people can you tell me if newer releases of the TARA GUI helps us DBA's out with the TARA Script management?
Thank you! 

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