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sdubey 1 post Joined 09/10
27 Mar 2012
table does not exist

I am trying to run an ETL job by calling some stored procedures but getting following error.



 *** Failure 3807 UD_REQUESTER_0_xfm:Object 'sources_requesters_stg' does not exist.

The strange part is the table does exist and is also populated. The stored procedure is being run by Appworx and the user running the procedure has the required privileges. 

Has anyone experienced such an issue. We did a complete refresh from production to testing, recompiled all the procedures and since then we are getting this issue. 

Many thanks for your help. 





Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
02 Apr 2012



In such a case, table is expected to be in a database where it is not. Try by fully qualifying the table name in the procedure.


Regards, Adeel


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Gyanendra 10 posts Joined 03/11
11 Apr 2012


I have faced similar issue some time back. We had to rename the database so we created new database and copied all objects and permissions. After compiling all the procedures in new database, one of them was not working. There was a INSERT statement within procedure which was not fully qualified. I just qualified that table name and it started working fine. I was not able to track how it was working in old database.


I will suggest to fully qualifying all the objects within procedure.


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