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ah255012 8 posts Joined 07/11
16 Jan 2012
SQL Assistant not installed with Teradata 13- Solution

Hi all,


I have noticed an issue that when we install Teradata 13 somtimes SQL Assistant will not be installed. The reason that i come to know is that there is .Net framwork 4 client is installed on my system and after un-installing /net framework 4 we can install Teradata 13 easily. the reason is that Teradata 13 require only .net framework 2.0


I think this will help the new commers to teradata 13

Regards, Aamir Hussain.
sudheer51 7 posts Joined 03/13
10 Apr 2013

Actually that was a limitation with 13.10. (It requires .netfw 2.0 and wont work with 4.0)
try sql assistant >

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