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radsubra 33 posts Joined 10/12
28 Aug 2015
Spoil Table information in Data Dictionary

What is the meaning of Spoil Table information in Data Dictionary . Will this affect performance?
Iam getting this while executing as one of the query in the explain plan --steps SPLTBL

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
30 Aug 2015

It doesn't have much impact on performance. It is the step to cleanup structure from DD.

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radsubra 33 posts Joined 10/12
31 Aug 2015

Thanks Adeel.  But why it is trying to cleanup structure from DD?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
31 Aug 2015

"We spoil the parser's dictionary cache for the table" removes all chached metadata about this table, e.g. after a ALTER TABLE or a CREATE INDEX, or after DELETE/UPDATE/INSERT of a larger number of rows.
This will also remove any cached execution plans.


radsubra 33 posts Joined 10/12
31 Aug 2015

Thanks Dieter.
Iam getting SPLTBL(Spoil Table information in Data Dictionary)  as one of the step(last step before End transaction) when Iam trying to insert into a table . This means it is trying to flush the metadata before ending the transaction?
This insert runs every 15 minutes since this is NRT( NEar real time) and we also delete the data from the table before inserting.
Once insert is completed we collect stats.
So this is the process
delete from table
insert into table
collect stats
the above process repeats every 15 min

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