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27 Jul 2016
Similar Names SQL

SQL to Extract Records Based on Approximate String Matching

We are on version TD 14 and I come from Netezza / Postgre(Redshift) background. I have been asked to extract a login data from audit logs to find out records/transactions where the same ip is submitting similar looking usernames with small changes. e.g  Samir --> Samr  --> Amir etc
To capture phishing activity.
In POstgres we have fuzzy string functions like '%'  e.g ColA % ColB (where % operator is equivalent to Similar)
Soundex, Metaphone, levenshtein etc.
In  Teradata however I have just encountered or I have been able to find just Soundex. Is there any such in built function/method capability with Teradata version 14 to achieve the above string approximation.


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