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tmrmodest1 5 posts Joined 03/10
22 Mar 2010
sample input files to load table using Fastload utility

I am learing fast load using the Teradata demo version 12.0
Could you share me any samples input files to load tables using fast load. In case if you have any sample scripts, it would help me a lot. I could not find many scripts for fast load.
Your help would be greatly appreciated
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Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
31 Mar 2010


For that my suggestion will be to use Teradata Documentation, which is copied to your local system in TD Express installation .... you can get sample script and data file format from there.

Once you get going .... you care surely try out variances .... which may include different file formats or different types of data specially BLOBs.

Best of luck! :)




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