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09 Apr 2012
Sample database


Thanks God, fianlly i find out how to post my question on this forum. i like to advise please make it simple. well, i'm new newbie in teradata. i have install Teradata expres version 13 on windows server. i have been doing RND on teradata but not get any usefull metiral which cover basic conncept of teradata or may be i'm poor in my search. anyhow, currently i want to create a sample database to play with teradata. As we ahd in oracle like HR, Scott and sh schema. is there any sample schema in teradata? i have goolgle this many time but did not get any help. 

03 May 2012

If the basics are in place you can use the stock market data which is a very good seed for analytical queries. May be you might not need a sample database at all then like Oracle. :)

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

ayman.guc 27 posts Joined 10/11
10 Mar 2013

Teradata Express for Windows installs with sample databases under the "Samples" database in the hierarchy. The data installed depend on the selection of database size when installing the Teradata Express database for windows (e.g. 4GB or 10GB databases). Sample databases include: retail, manufacturing, financial, transportation, etc. 

Yaejoe 2 posts Joined 05/13
20 Jun 2014

Could you please provide me a link to download - Teradata Database Express 13 for Windows with 10 GB database size.

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