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Flamboyant4u 2 posts Joined 01/12
04 Jan 2012
Regarding Using TERADATA as website backend

Hi All,

 I am new to Teradata, we are developing some web application which requires GEO capabilites.

Is it okay to go with Teradata as backend.  

Average hits Per day: 10,000

Thanks & Reagrds,


AndrewSchroter 14 posts Joined 11/06
12 Jan 2012

A Financial Services Client is doing so with both .NET and JAVA applications, supporting thousands of users.  As with any development it depends on the amount of processing each query will require and the required resposne time.

Flamboyant4u 2 posts Joined 01/12
16 Jan 2012

ThanQ AndrewSchroter :)


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