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avaneesh 2 posts Joined 05/10
20 May 2010
Query/SP to find unicode

Hi people...i am sorry if i am posting this in the wrong forum, but please bear with me...
I have a requirement where i need to find out whether a particular column in the table is a unicode or not... any pointers would be of great help. A query if possible is more desirable.

Thanks in advance!!

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
20 May 2010

DBC.Columns.Chartype = 2 for unicode, 1 for latin.

avaneesh 2 posts Joined 05/10
22 May 2010

hey this will work for tables which are already part of DBC. Columns,Tables etc... I have a requirement wherein the data is coming from an unidentified source...say Oracle..and u need to find out whether any data field is a unicode or not....

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