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25 Jan 2012
Query Banding

What is QUERY_BAND and why we use it?

How does 'SET QUERY_BAND' command work in teradata utility?


Dany3R9 18 posts Joined 03/14
16 Jul 2014
Useful infos from Stackoverflow: (
 Concept: Scientists will often band the legs of birds with devices to track
 their flight paths. Monitoring and analyzing the data retrieved via the bands
 provides critical information about the species. The same process is followed 
by DBAs who need some more information about a query than what is available. 
Metadata—such as the name of requesting user, work unit & the application name 
is important, Workload management will be tracking the entire use of data warehouse 
& query troubleshooting. Query banding feature is used such a way that, these metadata 
details are linked to the query in database. A query band can contain any number of name 
or value pairs such as initiating users corporate ID, department & location, also the time
 of the initiation execution started.

SET QUERY BAND = 'name=value; name2=value;' FOR SESSION|TRANSACTION;

this will tag your query with some name value pairs. This can be used to manage 
your query's workload management for example in TDWM you have throttles and 
priority management hooks that will priorities all name2 types with the value "value".
 It means you can submit a very rich detail on the session or transaction"


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