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Vinay Kumar 7 posts Joined 01/10
08 Jun 2010
Problem with Extented Ascii data

Hi ,

I have a column defined as Unicode and data it contains is like " ä " which is part of extended ascii characters.

but when i read the data from a ascii connection it fetches proper data , but when i read from and utf8 connection data is converted to " ä ".

Can someone explain why is this happening and what should be done to resolve it.


shaoqiang0327 2 posts Joined 05/10
11 Jun 2010

Use a ASCII connection to read and write a LATIN column, and use a UTF8 to read and write a UNICODE column.

Vinay Kumar 7 posts Joined 01/10
14 Jun 2010

but my concern here is when i read a unicode ( as mentioned above) column using utf8 connection it is not showing proper data. :(

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
16 Jun 2010


Can you please mention from which tool you are trying to read data?



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Vinay Kumar 7 posts Joined 01/10
17 Jun 2010

Hi ,

I am using Informatica ETL tool for reading from Table and writing to a file. Relational connection is UTF8 and target file is also UTF8.

I have also tried using bteq for exporting data to a file, i am having the same issue :(


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