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Aishu 4 posts Joined 03/13
13 Feb 2014
Pipe delimited fast export file

I am exporting a large amount of data into a file.The specification is like each column should be seperated by pipe.If there is no data,there should be space.(| |)
I need file in this format
if there is data it should be like this
1|XXX|1234|FFFF|X1AB5 -  no leading or trailing spaces should be there between the pipe and the data.
If there is no data it should be like this
1| |1234| |X1AB5 - space shoud be there only if there is no data.

No two pipes should come together(||)
I have more than 60 columns in my table.Do i need to give case for each field or is there any other easy option?
I am new to teradata.Kindly advice.Thanks in advance.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
13 Feb 2014

You can do it.However, I see that many experts here have recommended using tpt.
This link can help you>

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