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Ramesh.2914 1 post Joined 07/12
21 Jul 2012
PDCR tables CleanUp

Hi ,can someone tell me the steps to CleanUp PDCR tables.

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
01 Aug 2012

Where are your maintenance routines for PDCR installed to migrate data from the DBC tables to PDCRData? This is where you should also find the script(s) for maintaining the PDCRData tables.

PDCRData should include a table named PDCR_Table_Retention that is used by the maintenance routine to determine which historical data is to be purged from the PDCR tables based on the specified column in ColName and the value in Ret_Period. It also includes the PPI information for those tables defined with a PPI.


dbatd 2 posts Joined 07/12
07 Aug 2012


Is there any way other than the automated script to clean the PDCR Database?


DanFritz 2 posts Joined 06/09
08 Aug 2012

Using the PDCR automated scripts to purge the PDCR database is highly recommended as the process has been engineered to ensure consistency in table retention.  The stored procedure and table mentioned above provides a simple interface for adjusting retention timeframes for all tables managed by the PDCR purge process.  Creating manual scripts to purge these tables is not ideal.

pradeesh 7 posts Joined 07/12
16 Aug 2012

You can modify  PDCR_Table_Retention table with proper retention periods for required dictionary tables.

so that daily purging job will automatically delete rows from PDCR tables.
To check the status of daily jobs please check the 'PDCRDATA.PDCRLoad_Hst' table


sohini 2 posts Joined 06/16
03 Jun 2016

Thanks for the information.From the table PDCRDATA.PDRCLoad_Hst table I can see one of the PDCR marco that is LoadLogOnOff_hst was last run on 4-Apr-2016.Then after it stopped running.Can you please tell me how I will find out the reason behind this.

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