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mcs007in 2 posts Joined 02/12
03 Feb 2012
next levels in a DW career

Hi Experts,

I have around 8yrs of DW experience in Teradata(primary skill) on Mainframes and would like to know the next levels to groom my career as I am now working as a Sr.Teradata Developer.

Thanks for all your time and advises.


ywjcjj 36 posts Joined 06/08
03 Feb 2012

Enterprise architect?

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
07 Feb 2012

Are you looking to continue your career as a developer or transition into something like an architect/data modeler or a database administrator?

mcs007in 2 posts Joined 02/12
08 Feb 2012

Hi Robpaller,

No, I do not want to remain as a developer. I am looking forward to move as an architect/data modeler. Please provide your suggestions towards attaining these roles, I mean what concepts should I be focussing more on to project myself as an Architect/Modeler.

Thank you for your time.


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