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vineetha 2 posts Joined 01/12
14 Feb 2012
Newbie-Teradata Access Module for JMS


I'm trying to install Teradata Access Module for JMS for Teradata version 13 but am unable to find the download link. Can someone please help me out?

vineetha 2 posts Joined 01/12
15 Feb 2012

I understand that JMS access module is a database requirement to interface between JMS queues and Teradata Utilities. Additionally ,  JMS Universal Connector  ( GUI ) installed at the Web service , can be used to access these JMS access module files and load them into teradata .

Does Teradata have an equivalent command line utility for the JMS universal Connector?

Is TPT (JMS_READER / MQ_Reader) an alterative to Universal Connector?

Please help. 

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