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05 Nov 2013
Need equivalent table for dbc.qrylog in Oracle,SQL server,DB2 environment

Hi All,
I want to know the equivalent table of dbc.qrylog in Teradata in Oracle,SQL server,DB2 environment.

We are trying to compare data in multiple environment and interested to know the table where the CPU time,sessionid,userid,creationtime, etc will be stored.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
07 Nov 2013

Hi Priti,
From Teradata as you know these tables are there and you can chose what you want.
DBC.ResUsageScpu -----For CPU per node
DBC.ResUsageSPdsk------disk level data

DBC.ResUsageSAWT ------Amp Worker Task data

DBC.ResUsageSps -------schmon data

DBC.ResusageSpma -----For Vproc ,IO contention, Memory, Processes,CPU, Bynet

DBC.ResUsageSldv -----logical device I/O data

DBC.ResUsageShst ------host traffic –data

DBC.ResUsageSvpr -----Vproc data – I think AMP,GTW,Node,PE, RSG

DBC.DBQLogTbl -----Performance data of the query

DBC.DBQLSqlTbl-----SQL text of the query

DBC.DBQLObjTbl----- DB objects accessed by the query

DBC.DBQLStepTbl-----Steps processing performance by the query

DBC.DBQLExplainTbl - The explain plan text of the query

DBC.DBQLSummaryTbl -Summary  for tactical queries


From Oracle, you need to choose from ALL_TABLES. Mind that you have a select to all tables else you won't be able to see those. In the table_name put the filter with like and you can see what you want.


I dont remember much in DB2 and SQL. It must be similar. Once you get them you can compare.






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