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anilkumar922 3 posts Joined 11/11
13 May 2016

Hi All,
I'm using MLOAD delete statement for deleting the records in table which are coming from file  based on key values. but one of the key value having null in it. and also for that key value we are getting values as null. as we con't compare null to null these records are not getting deleted. I tried using of coalesce,case,nullifzero etc.. whcih are not working saying that Mload delete statement is invalid. i know i can load the file into temp table and delete using bteq delete, but i don't want to use this. so could any one please suggest is there any possibility of deleting rows using MLOAD delete itself?
Delete from ABC
where col1=:col1
and col2=:col2
and col3=:col3;
col2 is having null values.
Thanks in advance,

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
14 May 2016

Hi Anil,
no, if col2 is part of the PI there's no way to match NULLs using MLoad.


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