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Tdarc 6 posts Joined 07/11
13 Jul 2011
Maximum number of tables in a Database

Hi, Could anyone please tell me how many maximum number of base tables we can create in one Database in TD12.

Thank you

Thank you
Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
13 Jul 2011

There is no defined limit to the number of tables in a database.

Tdarc 6 posts Joined 07/11
13 Jul 2011

Awesome !! Thanks Jim...

Thank you

Yogi univ 3 posts Joined 01/12
30 Jan 2012


I'm new to Data Warehousing and a fresher. I've a plan to take an Oracle certification followed by a Teradata professional certification.

So, looking forward, whether I should take 'Oracle certified Associate' or 'Teradata certified Professional' certification first... and the value of Oracle Certifications in near future..

Please help..




ayman.guc 27 posts Joined 10/11
01 Feb 2012

Hi Yogesh,

I would say it depends on the EDW strategy of the companies / projects you will work for. For full EDW implementations then the Teradata certification is a great asset as Big Data analytics, full enterprise consolidation and heavy-load BI applications run best on Teradata systems (which will probably be the best option). For small-scale data-marts and databases some companies go for other DB systems first before they decide to move forward to the Teradata analytical platforms. In this case, it might be reasonable to get certifications in the system you will work with first then delay the Teradata Certification until it is needed for EDW projects.

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