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arpanm 3 posts Joined 03/12
18 Apr 2012
Issue while connecting Teradata from .NET


I am very new to Teradata and for the first time posting here. I need some help from you guys.

I need to connect to the Teradata DB from my Web application.


Details: -- 

Application built in .NET Framework 4.0
Teradata Database trying to connect - 13.10
using the teradata provider for .net version --

I have used the connection string in the web.config file like this -- 


<add key="teradataConString" value="Data Source=myDataSource;User ID=myUser;password=myPass;Max Pool Size=50;Persist Security Info=True"/>

and I am able to connect to DB also from my coding machine. But after hosting the application in the server, when I tried to connect the teradata DB I am getting this error.

The error is -- [.NET Data Provider for Teradata] [100002] Cannot create connection within the time specified.


Now do I need to open some firewall port in server machine to connect to Teradata DB or something else I need to do to solve the issue.

I had to make the application start working by tomorrow, can anybody help me out of this issue?





--- Thanks, Arpan
Ehtesham 1 post Joined 05/09
04 Sep 2012

Try adding an explicit ConnectionTimeout value to your connection string like:

<add key="teradataConString" value="Data Source=myDataSource;User ID=myUser;password=myPass;Max Pool Size=50;Connection Timeout=60;Persist Security Info=True"/>

This value is in seconds and the default is 20s. There is a possibility that you are not getting a new connection within 20s and 100002 is what you get in that case. Try setting it to a higher value and then measure the time it's taking for your to get the connection. 

I also have this issue; the best case i see is 3- 5s for a new connection that is extending the pool. I am going to follow up and see why the provider takes this long. 


hope this helps.

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